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Watch the cats. Do wells ride that had Solter deal. Watch the bears the eagles in that playoff game that make for quite a double header on Sunday. You'd have to dress a little differently for each game. But yeah, that would be kinda pop SE would leave it all of the Trump put some layers on. Bad way to spend a Sunday. For their first of two meetings for the a lot I this. They're only meeting scheduled with Michigan state this year they met once last year that was at Rosemont. Well, the one thing I could say after that comet is thank goodness. Now, I respect that. Joe? Thank you. You could save by really well at the playing with a lot of confidence. And they're they're flying like a ball. I mean, they're pushing it pounding. It wasn't don't have any answers for Tricia could states only two losses. This year came to their opener against Kansas ninety two eighty seven Kansas was number one time, but then they lost on the road at Louisville in overtime. It's amazing work dominated in the post is a cookie Kansas. He was small date of law. Jailer? Right. Right. A circle. The law the top law, circling, right? The top. It'll put up a straight off three at a got it. Great quarter for riot Taylor. His first of the game. But it's fifty six thirty five at the other advocate twisted cutoff by Turner's. He tried to cut it away. Defense what we're going to be banned. Stay with by street after which. Counts pass going dot circles. Arou- Tertre put one up. No, good rebound. Five part of the weak side. Chop that type laws down the floor had faked cuss, right? Shakes free for a three pointer. No, nope. And look at the rebound mcquaid. Now left point four Michigan state. Equate looks so wet. Take three over. Switch to his first three quarters of the game hundred thirty nine to this career. The answers Taylor's look to the sparks. It's fifty nine thirty five. Top two part of the task. Back out on the left side of the tax. Laser there. There are now with fourteen ports. The other coast to coast gets inside. What do they push it? After made. I think better run into basketball after a made basket. Terraced long to Taylor cop at the top. The left law runs. The baseline gets fouled. Pretty gorge picks up his second. Northwestern ball, take it out sixty one thirty seven. Law. What Taylor measure at three rattles off the rip rebound by glorious look bad all night. Straight hotline. Katana? Shop pocket. Against. Register urban the drive that ball. Bounce I but it did they not clear on the foul. Yeah. Here's Tertre catch inside get expelled. I think you're right. Did not call a foul. I was out of balance. I like this thing they went away from return to post because he fronted him. And they were afraid throw it over the top. That's not the way to go over the top one, which is a Proctor. So this was a Powell charter at the live HA Tertre eighty eight percents of the line second-best at the big ten Henry replace which. So much posted him up. Mr. Sixty one thirty eight I play. Get back out the heart stars. You decide going? Rattles at home. George jumping with a right hand sixty three thirty eight does pop at the lobby. The spark. Moaner already got him. I'm not so sure just did that last push it a little bit more. The more you run the less likely. They are to go to the offensive board taping really gone to the offense. Alan orange his second. Winston rightback yet. Again, sixteen eleven y'all. Cats inbound the ball park. Plot gives it off. Taylor. Shot. No, good rebound Hilda. Equates spotting up of the left doesn't shoot. Repeats till the now. Lost. It all cats all the rod here. Here's taylor. They have numbers shooting Dowd resile part backup it and what for Derek part. Now will get us out with fifteen forty two to go. Sixty three forty the score. Now all the court. It's job of the defense to protect the rip all the road. It's job or the twenty nine hundred road, the Al protect you wrote has a bailable advanced safety technologies engineer to help keep with that solid. Defense piece on proud supporter of college athletics. Michigan state north western sixty three to forty fifty forty two to go northwestern basketball by which Ross twenty w you need to keep your head in the game. Let us take care of everything else. Like free water at check in ultra comfortable, beds modern showers and a lobby bar designed hang out in delta hotel by Marriott, Chicago north shore. Sweet we focus on the details that truly matter and make them perfect. So think of us.

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