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In California, there's talk about maybe them going somewhere else to play will explain coming up after CBS News at the top of the hour. It's 9 55 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the five. Sure, again, Brian Douglas four or five South bound as you leave the San Fernando Valley, just as you make your way up the hill here, we've got that motorcycle wreck still working. The two left lanes four or five jammed almost from Sherman Way. The one on one eastbound also affected from Balboa. So again, Watch out for delays to Paul that it will work for you as an ultimate. I have been getting a bunch of calls about this crash. We're going to go out here to Newbury Park. This is our one on one westbound just past Lynn Road, multi cars, one on its roof. At last I heard from one of our tipsters. All lanes westbound were blocked. So it's got you heavy from or park and your eastbound side of the one went south. And so it's definitely catch your attention from men to park. So expect delays here at the Newbury Park on the one on one will keep it And I on that for you a couple things for the 605 North bound your left lane of the trans Mission or 605 West. One of five shutdown Caltrans work Our South 605 past Valley Boulevard. We're dealing with an injury crash Several cars here too, right Lanes blocked. You've got delays. Now all the way back to the 10. S so expect some slowing their heard from a tipster. He wasn't very happy about this. This is our 91. Of course, the 71 shut down from the 91 all the way up to Euclid and vice versa. Tipster said he got off on Green River and you can't get back on the 91 on the eastbound side. And no, you can't from Green River. This is couch friends work. We actually didn't have this listed. So I appreciate that call. So if you're planning to get off him, 91 go east. Do not do it in Green River. Unfortunately, have to make your way all the way. Over to about Gypsum Canyon here that supports on the way at 10 05 and Brian Douglas. More reports more often in the toilet. Glendora dot com. 24 Hour Traffic center can extend 70 News Right. Sunny, windy, warm today. Red flag warning. Still, in effect, The winds are up. Not as bad as they were. Yesterday. We're looking at temperatures in the seventies across the board, currently 61 degrees downtown Los.

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