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Themselves in africa's sahara desert jiri denies it but phone footage and multiple survivor accounts say thousands of migrants have been dumped into no man's land in the sahara desert nine miles from the nearest water in neighboring nizhny or the international organization for migration estimates as many as thirty thousand people may have died trying to cross since two thousand fourteen and the pace of expulsions is picking up as the eu pressures north african countries to head off migrants hoping to reach europe vicki barker cbs news britain's prince william is in jordan on five day royal visit to the middle east the historic visit is diplomatically sensitive the duke of cambridge will become the first british royal to make an official trip to israel and palestinian territories seventy years after british forces withdrew from the holy land until now it had been british policy not to make a formal royal visit until the bitter conflict in the region is resolved he's a young man i know he'll be looking to the future you'll be wanting to engage with the white section of people an aide to prince william says the visit is not political but it comes as divisions between israelis and palestinians are deepening israel just marked its seventieth anniversary of independence amid surges of violence along the gaza border tina krause cbs news shiva liberties lawyers say president trump's actions are making family separations worse precedent claims his executive order to stop the separation of families at the border is working well legal learnt begs to differ galernter deputy director of the immigrants rights project at the american civil liberties union says there's no organized effort to reunite families already separated it is not well coordinated the agency's do not talk to each other about where the paris and kids are it's complete chaos as any expert will tell you is asking that the government ordered to reunite families and galernter says the president's call for less due process at the border is simply unconstitutional.

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