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And W. and now back to the Pony Express with Andrew Filippone he and the one hundred and fifty seconds Belmont Stakes about to get underway more than a half century of racing at Belmont Park then what NBC just called Elmont New York CBS sports radio headquarters are in Manhattan Billy how far away is it Elmont New York from where you are no never mind is the law four to five favorite here massive favorite then that'll go off post time in just a couple minutes later Philoponus CBS sports radio yeah we're just talking about how Washington the Redskins are trying to get some things right George Preston Marshall the last owner to in a great has a questionable past when it comes to African American football players so the team is getting rid of his statue outside of old RFK stadium in renaming the four of fed ex field one of the levels at FedEx field it's named after him they they are also gonna celebrate one of their great African American players their first Bobby Mitchell who's in the pro football hall of fame by retiring his number yes so when you do that but you leave the team name the same which is what I think most people are calling for an questioning why is your team still made the Redskins everything you do that ex that ex everything you do that does not include a racing that team name is going to get I think a lot of people to say well it's not enough like you're you're missing you're not you're not doing the one thing you're ignoring the biggest issue with the biggest problem you're addressing what things might be fourth or fifth on the list of things people want you to do to get it right the compromise I came up with was why not keep the logo keep the colors and call the team the Washington Americans or something like that and if that happened what is the risk that Daniel Snyder what what what do you have to worry about that Washington football fans would be more offended by that then the product that the franchise of the organization is put on the field for the last two decades but that would be deemed the last straw for fans yeah I see schools like Stanford in St John's collars are the same Jersey looks the same change names native American mascot change names I mean are there fewer Stanford football fans now because of it but if you were St John's basketball fans because of the name change if the team looks the same it resides in the same city what's the big deal and the reason why I'm saying I don't think the local necessarily has to go it's because I don't think in that case it's a cartoonish native American depiction which is what chief Wahoo that outrage people that's why the Indians no longer use that as their primary logo like that what was that the name of the team that drove people to anger it was it was the cartoonish native American Florida state the Seminoles I think they work with the university works with the Seminole native American reservation and or or nation and they they authorize are they condone the logo and the way the school presents the logo in the warpath Porson mascot like there is cooperation on that front what we live in a world where you're you're when you do something you're going to you're always going to offend someone what we can't get universal agreement that walk that Washington Redskins at the word redskin is a racial slur we do not have your universal agreement on it but we do have a large number of people that find that offensive and so if they do why not change it why not find some kind of middle ground eight five five two one two for CBS eight by five two one two four two two seven I think when Washington starts doing things like getting rid of an owner statue and celebrating the life of an African American player I think like it begs the question what what about your team nickname is that that's going to be that's cool just keep it as is the other things you have an issue with but not not the name that is driving so many people nuts here is Neil in Louisiana CBSSports ready ideal I am what growth momentum Hey Hey listen I'm so glad that this came out I'm a diehard Redskins fan from way back and I've been dealing with this hi come up and read people need to go back and research the term right yeah it was used by the native American partners in a letter to colonel John Wilkins three chiefs of the blanket shawl tribe from the Miami Illinois Indiana area they sent a letter and the reference rate refers to the warriors that certainly okay right you go out in the back all right would return it was an honor it was a why don't so so why don't okay I'm not saying you're I'm I'm not I I did not take the time to do copious research on it before the story broke as we were going on the air so my question is if that is the case why aren't native American groups always reminding us of that why are they always in lockstep agreement saying no you guys have it wrong it is an offensive it's a term of endearment there's nothing wrong with that why don't we just get that from people because that's not what is socially acceptable that's not what moves the needle that's not what everyone gets also use okay I mean so so than their native American groups that just want to move the needle they are native American groups that are twisting the definition of the word for what reason because they just want exposure they just want to be upset they just want to be angry they just want something to complain about okay.

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