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Then yet one hundred percent. Thank you. Here is Sam Roberts wild and wild. Thank yous to the MS for being a part of today's last not Sam wrestling before wrestlemainia, what an exciting time that's going to be an exciting match ban pin falls count, anywhere. The MS go non smackdown last night or the night before or whenever you're listening to this. And announcing that he was focused on his family and everything I don't know. It sounds to me like the MS needs to be a lot more focused on wrestling than on his family. But what do I know? Right. What do I know? I'm just a guy with a job at a family. I wanted to tell you guys that there have been a couple of people talking about this vice series. That's coming out. It's called dark side of the ring. It's a series of documentaries. The advice is releasing. And it's it's they're going to do it on their TV channel. I think airs once a week. I think the premier is next week, but they're going over. It's an hour long show each episode, and they do an episode on bruiser Brody in the killing of bruiser or the death of Brazil Brody. They do an episode on the relationship of macho man in a miss Elizabeth. They do a Montreal screw job episode. They do an episode on the on air IX, they've got a whole bunch that they're doing for this season one. And when I tell you go out of your way. To check it out. I'm not exaggerating. This isn't an advertisement or anything like that. I got the chance to watch the bruiser Brody in the von Erich episodes incredible in credible. They're the stories told the way you'd wanna hear them. I think I I was wrapped in man, sometimes, you know, people send me their shows. And I'll watch clips or I'll watch, you know, little bits and just kind of get a gist. But these shows I watched the entire not only did I watch the entire episodes. But I had the guy send me over the entire season. So I think next week on the podcast. We might talk to one of the producers on the show about the making of it and everything and all the stories that were told just because it really is. It's a great show when I heard it was called dark side of the ring. I thought it was going to be another one of these shows where they talk about how awful and scary wrestling is, and you know, it's so dangerous. And you thought it was all fun and games, but really people are eating, but it's not that they're actually going over specific stories that are just interesting not nice stories. Dr. Stories. But when you watch it you don't get that Iki feeling of this is speaking for the entire industry, you get that feeling of. Wow. This is a really interesting story that took place in the industry that I'm supporting so. Yeah, I mean, at least those first two episodes that I watched aren't I'll watch the rest of them and let you know what I think, but as of right now big fan big big fan. All right enough is enough. Let's get into it. We've got a lot to talk about on the state of wrestling this week. Oh, and we're not going to get a chance to talk about on the state of wrestling. But Luke Harper's tweet was just great Lou Carper is gonna be wrestling and access this weekend. Apparently, he's been healthy and ready to go since February and the WWE just hasn't had anything for him. You know, by February Rowen was already, you know, part of the Daniel Bryan package, the new Daniel Bryan package, so WWE just didn't have anything for Luke Harper..

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