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You also moonlight as d._j. Carl sagan yeah see what she did there yeah yeah so so so do resonate with this nerdy references and in house lyrics. I'm gonna say i resemble that yeah so i favour your priority. I'm super fan girl. I couldn't pick my favorites is this is i feel like i grew up with weird. Al like i remember i bought thriller on vinyl but then i love to even when that came out i loved life. I loved all the michael jackson parody you know i i loved that weird. Al did the music that i already loved and then put a new spin on it made eight at that much funnier and now for every decade. There's a new he he was popular with you. Your self described nerd. His music was more popular than just birds could have supplied for it. How do you account for that would be like a parody like that is another level of understanding standing like another level of storytelling another level of sharing and it's that much like you don't in order to make a parody. You don't just have to know the original song. You have to add something to wit and so there's like it. It's almost like sarcasm. The way that sarcasm like when it's like funny sarcasm and not necessarily mean sarcasm is like a way to communicate to who different things at once you can communicate kind of the the the actual thing that you're saying but then there's the underlying thing that you need it like the implied thing that you need to know know the references that you need to get in white and nerdy in order to to know i. It's funny but it's still funny. You know. Even if you don't understand anything you know all of the important to you as a super fan of is this genre that the lyrics are accurate yeah. It's i mean i'm not gonna be pedantic about it like i'm not gonna go around like you know ruining all the movies on twitter oh anyone who does that over loving when they're accurate because why not like why not take ten because the second i mean we probably doesn't even need to google anything. He's out hide assault but like what you know why not take extra ten seconds to like you know. Make it a little bit accurate lake like add the details you know. Put your favorite scientists on speed dial. I kind of love it. Wait nerdy came out. When i was in grad school. I already loved weird. Al and i was like coming into my own as a nerd and graduate school. It was kind of like left this. There's no turning back yeah so you know you guys talked already about being the nerds growing up and stuff like that and i was always i feel like i pretended not to be the nerd. That was like no you know. Maybe maybe not. I'm cool. It's yes i am erdem cool now growing up and now so it is and gosh i love it so no one has the street geek cred the way weird al does but there's another performer who sings about in ways that he thinks he's got his handle on sci. He's a rapper named the obe- he actually raps about the world being flat not just getting a small fact wrong that they didn't look up. We're at ten extra. Seconds of research could've corrected this is this is a fundamentally flawed approach to understanding the nature of reality but luckily we have a generation of scientifically literate scientifically inspired tired rap artists and we have one here tonight to set the record straight and his name is let which is short for the intellect. Welcome.

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