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Eight thirty barrel. Fermenters in a thirty barrel logging things and one thirty barrel writing. We knock out twice a day about ten to twelve hours. We've mash cooker so we do separate for everything for making loggers is the best way to make logger starting with the separate for them ash. Our lottery ton is actually geared for the twenty barrel system. So we can do much larger batches at like the ninety nine minutes. Still get really good efficiency. And then I kept a will. But for dedicated world bowl, and that will allow the double production within the same day. You mentioned that you had some lagging tanks. So. Attorney straight. We just let our beer's lager in the ferment. We pulled the east off the bottom of this some point. And they sit there for, you know, maybe six six or eight weeks, but you you go from the fermented. And then you move them into the lagging tanks is that what you guys do that. Correct. Okay. We have on a logger into inks that are kinda act on top of each other. Yeah. Picture of them here. I'm showing them are shown them. Oh, yeah. Looks like you named him after I I don't know many people that know about the twenty seven club. But I did. And I told my kids about it and they were pretty shocked. Well, twenty seven club share with the clause. Can you wanna tell us from what I under-? And if you're true ocsta- are you don't live at the age of twenty seven. And so, unfortunately, there's a lot of to Rockstars out there that died aged twenty seven. So the first Hicks that we had were Jim Morrison. Gimme Hindri pig than from the Grateful Dead, Janice. Joplin Amy wine how Kirk Cobain we since added, Pat who is part of a rep crew out of Houston and Linda Jones who used to be a backup singer for Al green and diabetes. When she only seven. I I mean, we here in their rest kinda clarify and just let you know. Young tasting beard or become more mature. And so I came up to the naming idea because of artists are resting in peace and we want our beard rest in peace offer. Those two weeks logging on. That's really cool. So from the aspect of what we're drink in. Now, we cracked open the one the the Bubba mbira nihilist with coffee now, am I correct in saying that hot box coffee was the one that also blues put into the. They put it into something. I know because I call it hot box is. So what is hot box coffee is that a brand that's really popular out that. The coffee or owned by the audible corporation. So they actually have a rosary inside of their main brewing facility and their former row third got Nowy kinda just wanted to connect with because we both liked each other's products. And so he brought me into their place. And kinda just astonished me with what flavors coffee can produce and my favorite thing. From him was a got a pound of Nicaraguan coffee that had been aging in a ten fifty bourbon barrel age beer, one of their barely barrels as of the coffee in. And I remember having for Christmas as you're making the coffee, it bourbon and the air. When we mix it with some really burgundy eggnog who really freely as rich as the best way to spend Christmas. So can you you you'll you'll swelling and sniffing and tasting. What are your wreck? I didn't coffee. I didn't get to comment on the first one which go ahead, which is the I like it when Bruce another bruise biz. The first one was just was I say just but was the aged in bourbon barrels version, and it it's kinda cold fills porn on a little bit cold. And I still got this layer of flavor of of mall aromatics out of it. They were just fantastic. And then as it warmed it got the mouth feel got creamy and just just the flavors are really coming together in that beautifully. You don't necessarily taste bourbon. It's like, no. It's not like most bourbon barely beers. And let me let me jump in there because he said I said that co will I went on the fact that you code it a Lago..

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