President Trump, Jared Kushner, Florida discussed on Glenn Beck


Economy goes viral I'm Dave Anthony fox news a new report just out shows just how much the March shutdowns hurt the economy fox is Lillian Lewis details live Davey gross domestic product plunged four point eight percent in the first quarter that is above economists expectations that it shrank four percent of the GDP is one of the most common ways to track how the economy's doing report measures the early economic impact of those coronavirus shutdowns most economists are expecting an even steeper drop off this current quarter today's numbers the sharpest quarterly drop in GDP since the Great Recession which ended in two thousand nine and the first quarterly contraction in six years Dave early on Wall Street some fear it could be worse Dow futures up nearly five hundred points in the opening bell the president's adviser and son in law Jared Kushner just told fox may will be a transition month as restrictions get lifted in the economy but he's hopeful I think you see by June a lot of the country should be back to normal in the hope is that by by July the country's really rocket again as our criticism from Democrats about a lack of testing strategy Kushner says they've given guidance and we've tested more than any other country as more states allow businesses to reopen Florida's governor will detail today his plans Republican congressman Ross band always from that state and he says the guidance has been provided is very very helpful I think we can thread the needle we can do this in a way that protects the American people but also allows our business is to get up and running again they're very concerned about slowdowns and glitches after Congress you punish the fund for small business loans GOP senator Marco Rubio just told fox there was worry the batch went too fast the first time damned if you do damned if you don't you know and the other program has problems there's no doubt about it because anything the size that happen this fast is gonna have problems there remains the single most successful part of the entire listening to fox news from the Florida central credit union home loans traffic center to watch out for an accident in plant city blocking lanes seventy state road sixty west bound approaching James Redmond parkway luggage and delays near Clarence Gordon junior road we also have an exit ramp closure that's I. two seventy five south bound at Roosevelt Boulevard one hundred eighteenth Avenue north except.

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