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Four ninety five south bound so that ramp to route twenty eight right now was shut down for that work I'm Dave Gardner in the W. RK traffic center now WRKO weather channel forecast we're not done with the Rangers yeah that low pressure has moved northeast on the backside of it we could see some scattered showers during the afternoon otherwise we are enjoying some sunshine and temperatures still cool forty eight a few showers around this evening drought later tonight the rest of the weekend we're dry plenty of sunshine both Saturday and Sunday temperatures Saturday just slightly warmer fifty Sunday's a mild day partly cloudy fifty eight Sunday I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel on the voice of Boston A. M. six eighty W. RKO battles won battles one within over enemies of fear enemies of doubt we are it's what we do it's a promise made to you for more than two centuries the premise of the marines hi I'm Jeff Lowry presidency o'clery finance two thousand eight the S. and P. lost thirty percent of its value devastating retiree if you want to guarantee that you'll never lose a dollar based on a market correction and at the same time also give yourself the opportunity to earn market like returns give me a call at eight five five three one eight eight three eight seven let me help you create a confident financial future at eight five five three one eight eight three eight seven tune into Jake's Saturday at one right here on W. RKO market volatility has never been higher but we'll get through it hi this is Barry from the Armstrong advisory group the advisors at my firm have over one hundred years of combined experience in the financial services industry and we'll be there for you as we navigate through this crisis set up your free consultation today at Armstrong advisory dot com that Armstrong advisory.

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