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East cat for while you scared of the unknown isn't it because i'm seeing planning things but i don't know if other things are being planned and surprises and i'm always starting off in like in talking about the listeners of the podcast of things helping us with that we also had a request by sean james cameron he wants to know name destined volley with mate i look in his twitter he's cool he's like really into gardening and stuff he's older i don't want to guess how would you but he's owed of an us and he wants just love how you used that he's really cool he's into gardening like interesting when people are very passionate about something whatever that may be cool glad you're into that he wants to body health and food update how do i do know toes a gym and stuff like that so it's going to say i've stopped swimming recently i feel a lot better for yourself i know you've started to that's been all these questions about swimming in it all few days as if i'm like an experience swimmer that you're like the healthy want like even what was one of them can you swim when you're ill have a code i was i know i shouldn't do i didn't quite get swimming because i need it for ten minutes because i really intense like what i need to do breastroke let forward stark from crew from crew backstroke can you do both fly you might try.

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