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The volume and variety of the deals that they're constantly working on, and and we had the luxury of carrying the sap business cards, so everyone was willing to take our calls and spend a lot of time talking shop with US I'd say we're pretty diligent especially in the early years after forming the group about. Meeting really routinely with service providers like banks, law firms, accounting firms to discuss both you know major aspects of corporate development that I mentioned deal, execution and emanate strategy, and we're trying to get their own opinions on best practices as well. As, get a sense of what their other clients were doing to manage these functions, so you know combining a lot of different perspectives and approaches is a great way to develop a comprehensive set of best practice, and that's how we did you. Just you need to make sure that you mold and customize those practices. To fit the specific culture and dynamics of the company. There's no one size fits all of course, but but you know you can figure out the common females. The broader set an perspectives that you get when figuring out how to do you know how you should be approaching function you learn. Firsthand just the hard way, then you also learned it by being collaborative and getting input from other practitioners. How did you bring those practices over to and? I've been an answer now about two and a half years. We've instituted a lot of the same best practices at ads. Is there just a willingness among everyone? Touches emanate antics from the senior leadership level all the way down through the organization. All just stakeholders again volved. With our acquisitions to ensuring that our practices than our processes related to a or best in class, the answers had done quite a large number of acquisitions in its history. Before I got there. The company's been around fifty years I, got there and year forty seven they had done I don't know fifteen or so deals in the part time, so they weren't completely new acquisitions, but the the corporate function was not well formalized when I joined and I think there was a recognition about that and and and emanate is a clear stated part of the company's growth strategies, important part of the growth strategy, and so we just had support all up and down the. The Organization for making sure that you know we were doing things according to best practices, and and so it's kind of an easy fit..

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