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Also, having a line of this John, how he is a member of the Vermont, State Employees Association, and I have been mentioning them, and and some division within the Union ranks because I, actually I came onto onto this issue when I saw a facebook post by John. How the other day pretty emphatically saying that he was upset that some in the sea were opposed to the ban. The proposed ban on chokehold in particular choke holds of course have become infamous following the cases of George Floyd in Minneapolis is. The death of Eric Garner in New York. other instances in which police officers have used choke holds to try to get control of suspects It's a dangerous very very dangerous move design, denying somebody the ability to breathe, and that results certainly did for Mr Floyd Mr. Garner results in death sometimes. John John. How thank you for calling in this morning. Tell me about your your position on this and what you think about what your comrades in Vsan Doing Good Morning Day. Yes I was just stuck by. How the Union could the arguing on? Can't this reform and I got dug in a little bit about how the decision making I think it was a breakdown in decision making. At the Union and our democratic processes so just to recap, we had A. A member from the Supervisory Union someone who teaches at the police academy? Testifying against the bill as to nineteen, And Saying that in some cases, we and he didn't use the word show I. Use the word colds. little bit of nuancing. that they would. They have policy against that. They don't want see a law criminalizing or holding police liable for using unnecessary force so. Then, our executive directors testified according to this article. Day so they might be. Yet we should. We should do this right. But his Eckert was a stall at Siamese legislation by moving into a summer study because. Often kills. Things meant because a moment is now for this. It's very right this kind of change in reform. So I I was surprised by that move. In part because just weeks ago, the border to trustees the unions had voted to endorse black lives matter. which is explicitly a move? She to address the unnecessary use of police force particularly against black bodies. So here we have our senators working hard to craft legislation, which is entirely with the moment, and then my union voting against so this and then so I contacted the chair of the legislative. Committee Margaret Crowley and they had not endorsed fat position So what we had was a kind of a rogue executives Lou. I'm not sure how it happened. within the Union to. resist basically a piece of civil rights Legislation now, mine decrease ten. Can Negotiate working conditions, but the right tech- strangle. Somebody is not a working conditions. And she said you should criminally so we don't want. We don't say that criminal behavior is something you can negotiate and bargains is just. It's just antithetical to unionism, which is really about. good everyone including union members who might be often the victims of message, unnecessary police violence during strikes things like that, so I. I was disturbed by this, and so I am looking with union brothers and sisters to try to have the board address. Where was the breakdown in the unions? So that here we are? Testifying. Against why think is really important? Anti Racist. Legislation and I really appreciate Jordan who voted for on how I gotTA. Get interrupted and and ask them. A you were talking to know on Facebook, I think about actually demonstrating protesting in front of the VCA headquarters on state. Street in my. Have you done that yet? was. Reaction My zipper out shock. Okay, so you you you. You're not planning on holding a demonstration outside. Headquarters anyway. I. Hope that that the board will address this immediately and. By the way, I should say I. I did this in the first few minutes in the program this morning, but I should say that I did reach out to the. Leadership yesterday The first reaction was to ask me who else I was having on before. I had a chance to get back. Demands Answer the question they then they didn't. Declined to participate today, so I just want to. You know when I when I reach out to folks. Give them a chance and they. They do not want to participate I. I do tend to mention that because I want to make sure that listeners understand that I am trying to all sides of the story here and sometimes. Boy I think you're the the division. Within that the sea, we have a lot of very conservative people Ho Stuggle with monk lives matter we've had. Arguments tried many times to get an endorsement for feel, and and finally came through So yeah, we we struggle like like. Like a good portion of the population to understand how we are implicit in systematic sustaining systematic racism. Why has the same problems that other states have been so many of us are active and trying to make change. Let me as senator sears while we still have him senator. You ever seen a case where you know you're getting testimony from some members of the VCA, and but there's there's a significant division within within the unions ranks on an issue before your committee if you've ever seen that before. Not. Very often I think by large BSE A is not a terrific job advocating for state employees. I do think in this particular case that. There should have if. mister blue, I believe was speaking was drew boom was speaking. He said on his own behalf not of the Union during the testimony. Of. The Senate Judiciary Committee show I'm not. Completely sure he was speaking on behalf of the Union but I. Do know that. in many cases and certainly Colonel Birmingham at the state, police. Mike O'Neill the lobbyists for the Vermont Trooper's Association. we're. Generally supportive of the effort here and of this legislation anything they yeah, they did. They didn't come out and oppose it. They had some concerns about the criminalization similar to what was expressed by Mr Boom, but they they did not come out and oppose it and I..

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