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All right. What's first thing? Demand on defense. What seven you got to take away to secondary? What's third venue? You gotta do out of a time out. No that in a scramble. So you can turn it over. All right. I still look may when Zion lames went out Zion. Williams was a bad match Carolina. When we he went he went out. Luke maye became a bad match up for Duke and Duke showed no discipline whatsoever. Having said that my gut is that Zion plays and do Quinn's. How I just got a dissertation bad. They're they're gonna wind up taking. Here's my problem. I can undermine is different than yours. Mike and under is that I never think. And maybe it's happening. I don't have it in front of me. And I really don't care. But my my thing is do Carolina never disappoints it disappointed in the first game. Because the talk of the first game design Williamson blown out his shoe and Duke not playing defense. I don't think this one's going to disappoint. I think that Duke is going to play. Well, but I think North Carolina's gonna beat them. Now having said that Seth I know what's going to happen. I know because nobody ever sweeps this thing going to do some weird stuff and win the game. But I love the way Carolina's plan, I'm taking Carolina, and I hope that Zayn Williamson's back. I hope that vertigos done with old ROY. And I hope everything's good in Chapel Hill or wherever the hell they're playing a game. So I'm taking this Carolina sweeps. I think they do. I do they do. I look I think this thing is so fluid like all of a sudden Michigan state loses Indiana, and I still saw them on the to line. I think there's a lot of stuff yet to be determined here set. And I think that's one of who's going to be one in two. I agree. I agree. I last game number seven Michigan at number nine Michigan state at eight PM eastern on. On the call on the call. So can I pick it or? No, you may really. I don't think. So I won't tell anyone. All right. I'll pick it. What the hell? I'll pick it. I'm gonna pick a tie because I don't wanna hear from anybody. I don't wanna hear anybody's all over me. I'm going to pick this. I'm gonna tell you the right now the fans are going to boom, e I'm gonna go do it's thing. They're gonna chant. We hate dockage because Michigan state, and I don't get along. I love Izzo. And is a love me. I love Beland my son played for him. But since I'm doing the game. And I see every other host. Curb street and the rest they don't pick the game. I'm going to say it's going to be a tie. All right. That's good. First time his accounts fast. Give me the keys I'm gonna make you, you know. What are the keys to this game? Dan. You can't go eight to ten minutes which Michigan can do not score. Because Michigan gets as you say stuck on offense. And they don't. And they don't have anybody that can just shoot them out of it. Now Iggy bras Dake is at times Jordan at times. But I'll tell you this Jordan pulls got a little too cool for Jordan pool and school. So I'm saying you can't go on these five six droughts. If you don't and you're Michigan. He got chance to win the game because Michigan state Michigan state can go through a bit of a drought to Indiana. I thought guard on the entire the entire time and guard him very well. I'm interested, but Michigan. Seth Michigan goes too much too. Many too many too many droughts in scoring and Kansas flat jump up and shoot their way out of them. If Thomas wins this game, this'll be this will be the best coaching job. He's done because you think about thirty four points. You know, Josh light for a Nick ward casher, switch the wonder if he's just worn down just worn down 'cause he's asked to do so much, and he's got it at a high level..

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