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But she explained to me like you said you were being deliberately obtuse. Triangle. Did Not learn what a preposition was that dialogue? I understand what they are now. I'm all over it and I also understand the penguin eight the bucks. The penguin would be around the box. I'm here with Hannah Gadsby. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you. You don't really hear. I am here in the ears of the perspective listener. So. Before we talk about your latest Special Douglas and the joke that we're gonNA. Be Talking about it I wanted to provide a little background and context. You have said you were diagnosed with autism a few years ago and you know even before net however and Australia. You're known for being able to be very personal on stage. You've talked about certain struggles with mental illness before. What was your thought process after you're diagnosed about whether to talk about it onstage, and as you obviously did not include it explicitly in net. Decide not to talk about it right away. Well I saw you not talk about it, but there's a head talk that other episodes in my life where had struggled with depression, anxiety and other bits and bobs coal. And Hat. And I found the. People very very free offer medical. Advise either. Like Boskin. With with a psychology skin. And what I worked out through trial and error. Is that sexually really dangerous? If you feeling vulnerable? So. For one shows for example How I decided to stop taking antidepressants and I didn't decide to stop taking the visit. I believe in them I just sort of. You. GotTa take them when I was travelling overseas. Gosh maybe now's the time. SA- Great Way intercom off. Your Wife Support Network and and and and you doctors. So, let's. Talk about the talked about around it, and then people would say it's bright. Decision drugs a bad and. Fattest that I was good when I wrote. Increasingly became bad, but I kept hearing drugs. A bad on I do need to go back on them. It's those little voices with medication mental illness in a statement around that people. Get inside your head. We not well. You don't have the tools of discretion and. Care so you know I delight getting medical help. I needed quite a dangerous place, and as far as you know. Ultimate presented. It's not mental illness. It's near neurobiological situation they're. They're molded situations because of the anxiety. And stuff that goes round that at which was way my? Previous should struggles struggled standing cronin. I didn't understand the diagnosis was really great. Moment for me because I. Don't have to understand. Why you know there's nothing wrong with me. If things do. A lot of. Issues are fans I was better aided. Control manage through environmental. Sort of. Adjustment so and I start feeling. The guilt of that being a cool at anti-social, but it's it's. Really anti-social very social in theory. Supposed messed up manager mind Arben Bitta through. And a standing. The neurobiological bent tour, but also I don't understand autism. Nobody really understands this. I had to work out you know. Where do I begin? Eater invaders autism and. Ultimately answer to that. Is this no sex line? It's the flavor type process weld, but when Steiner's. Stand and. A had to live with nonstandard means well-defined gone and. His autism. This is what I knew. So he made it s that's law. That's pretty much in a very large nutshell. You have said that at the time that that answer of the autism diagnosis freed you up to at least for time, not to look as much as the problem was inward and much more focused on the problems outward that said on Conan's podcasts, you describe net as a show about how a person with autism things and I mean. Obviously you can say that hypothetically about anything you've done. But what do you mean in terms of net in in what ways do you think that special exhibits autistic line of thinking or way of perceiving well? It's specific may overnight to imagine. But. It's the connecting. The macro macos one way. I. didn't match up on July understood. The Stern, but I was ran under the assumption that the world made sense I was wrong. I, didn't I didn't make his head work at. Had It make sense in order to fit into the world? It was not long after. Diagnosis united started to trust might. In A. Something doesn't make sense to me. It's almost painful Yours take sort of like. The love of Misogyny. Just need to sort of name That's. That was pretty much what I meant. Analysis Like I looked at the weld. Trusted as much as I hadn't before. It sort the combination of the to. Understand myself and understand the world, and I never will end well as both. A A horribly frustrating idea so brain like minded also. Has Like A. Foul because it's like and. It feels good to try. Make sense things. That's how I I operate. The time I feel calm, but nine that I can never do. It is a good. It's a good thing. you wrote you wrote. The net is at least you wrote. In one context you're you're A well-known. You're well known in Australia in the UK, so the audience is your perform for it I had a certain frame of reference for you and your work, and also the this was a show done at I, four the Melbourne comedy festival, which has its own sort of context in which people are expected to do these sort of shows that are sort of thematically connected, and then it comes out on Netflix. As, we Americans tend to do sort of defined this thing against ourselves and became judge and relationship to American comedy. What did you learn about Americans? Understanding and thinking about comedy from that moment from it being received by us. Deter like all weld latest at any time in history, incredibly arrogant. It's just that I think Cuban American masses sort of like you have to think about the risks of the well because you are as far and the rest of the world you'd think. Comedy, began in American. You drive how it is extent, do flavor comedy because she flavor most inner western culture. But. It does have to be processed. The other places, so you know I'm on well aware of American culture neck is me kind of an age because you're not at all. Clothing to the specifics of mine. And so that just gives. I think it's interesting I. I think American Comedy Kadumi with. A bit of a shake up. Because I think any creative. Standard should be given a shake up. I was surprised at the hostility not. because. It's comedy and. Half seriously people take. It is just incredible. Just like everything is funny except culminate slack. Yourselves It made me think of something. A quote from an American comedian Moshe casher. that. STANDUPS stand up Comedians at least in. America are so insecure that what they can even be considered an art form that they push back against anyone who asserts to do it differently. I think. As a as a person you know famously with an art history background. What do you think about this idea that part of it is that? It it's coming from a certain security that. You're questioning sort of what a lot of American comedians holding true is like well, if this is the standard, and if I'm doing what the standard is, that means I'm doing something that has legitimate and you sort of. Put a question mark over all of that. Yeah. I. I'm always Muse by people who? Think comedy's different to. anything else. A..

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