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Think berry church gone justin wilcox gone morris claiborne gone brandon car gone they got all those rookies juda woosie is is not gonna play today so jordan lewis in exerting beer the these guys forty miners have got to go after a second and it's pretty clear tim that's what they felt they needed to short because they attack the second round pick and choose the third round pick and lewis who's played awfully well as a starting court absolutely and they also got anthony brown out their homes a secondyear six round pick in an judo who i was a great kid words thirteen brian coach either cochairman and a good man and a friend of my son number on bummed that he can't go in this game but look i think a taoist is getting sean lee back is big for their run defense no question and getting those guys sat and getting all the calls but if you watch him on defense they play a lot of personnel in a lot of different roles so hopefully today for cj buffet and i think i kilgore is going to be huge and all the protection calls and getting everybody on the same page but cj bad third and and some of the window dressing and some of the shifts in the movement's ivy could be a challenge to these dallas cowboys and then also which their plan is rod maranao he going to bring the house against a rookie quarterback in his first start worthy going to play some ropeadope and four men rush it'd be passive in and make him work is wait patiently down the football field they played a lot of man coverage against green bay a couple of weeks ago if they do that bethel's legs we'll be back that's good and that's a great point you raised hippies that he talked about that during the week that even though he hasn't seen prescott a rally at the person he coached against rod merit elia bunch of course twice a year in washington a couple of times in atlanta so that's the chess matches the kyle shanahan offense against the rodney nauert marinelli deep and so much of what rod does on defense really mimics.

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