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And you think that's the right idea because I do that. So is every every was acting. That's the right idea by that that might be a whole nother debate. But I don't necessarily think this idea that chasing the office of mining head. Coach is smart because whatever choirs the basic sessile offense coordinator or offense of innovator is different scale than what it requires to manage a team. And if you're hiring guy because you think that he's an offense of innovator. And you think that's gonna give you sustained success you're wrong, unless you believe he is so smart that he's going to be smarter than everyone every noble say, but you're not arguing that that that talent is mutually exclusive with other leadership abilities. You're just arguing that you can't only look at that. Talent I agree with that that seems to be the definitive one. So rarely do we find people talking about they hire guy because of his people skills when an actual -ality, which more important to being a head coaches is having good people skills and learn how to manage a room and understanding how what buttons to push on the leaders on your team. That's what makes us successful head coach coming out with a new scheme like they're they're certainly that you can compete on football in all sports that you can't anymore. Like, you're not gonna be able to out strong your opponent. Everyone's got strengthened condition in state of the art. You're not gonna be able to consistently out coach your opponent. I think that culture is a way that you can sustain success and going after some office of coordinator because he's a hot name because someone else found a young office coordinator is a mistake. And I think you brought up the cardinals they are headed for just three things you said, but go ahead, Stephen before I say anything else, and obviously all seriousness absolutely no shot at you whatsoever. But I've been watching our Kelly's documentary on lifetime AJ is a hell of a lot more than enough of these days and let me. Exact point to say. I don't even get me started. On a lifetime channel right now disturbing. Let me let me move on back to what we were talking about my mind is not wear where you're talking about. Max disagreed with anything any off said, that's just not on my mind. Right. And there was my mind the pipeline talking about a youth movement in coaching any brothers gonna get hired and fell more than seventy percent black. With the firing of five black coaches at the end of the season. The number is now down to black coaches in the National Football League. Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh, Anthony land in Los Angeles with the charges. The other thirty teams know black coaches one African American GM went to my standing the guy Miami. If I remember gravity, I believe, that's it. So league seventy percent black to black coaches, one black GM and oh woman already GM. And by the way, when we talk about a pipeline since they wanna bring college coaches into the mix. I don't see any brothers in college in that pop line that could end up in the National Football League. They ain't thinking about Kevin someone poor, you know, hermit with. I who we miss daily here had to go back to the state to get another job. I mean, let's go Loxley Alabama's office coordinator. And by talk about giving him a job. Shore Jay's Franklin so when we're talking about we got a whole bunch of cats out there, we got a whole bunch of we got we got more than a few brothers in the National Football League. Who have really really worked their way up the ladder looking for an opportunity. I doubt they're going to get a look we noted brothers in college. And getting a look so it just seems like this boy club. All right with new names coming out the watt zoo. Every I mean Kingsbury listen, God bless them. I wish him nothing about the best. You wanted to five hundred Texas Tech national championship on your resume and winning record on your resume. Okay. But you Glenn the head coaching job the head head coaching job in the National Football League with the Zona car. I mean. Obviously friends Jon Gruden you got John Lynch who didn't have any NFL front office experience before he got a job. I'm noticing a trend that's going into wrong direction. We're taking a step way way back and evidently people need to be made to feel uncomfortable before antennas get raised..

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