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The two of US shorts with neo me Watterson. Albert Frederick. High! This is naming lettuce welcome to the US Charts Myself Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic. And its relationship to creativity, mental health and emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to give a trigger warning. These adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise die right. I'm delighted to have my twin. Not A. Blood relative, but birthday relative mark misty trump's Nola. He's much much younger than I am. Not much much younger in every day we get closer in age. Feels like I I think that's because I'm probably getting younger a spirit I put. I was just going for relative age as proportion of your radio everyday. I get closer to your age. Maths amount. You are a tendency to do that. Throw messes lines even into poetry I I like to get the login to any crevice. It will fit into. An squeeze it out and spread it around a bit and see if I could rearrange and sometimes cool that poetry. I was thinking of yeah. It is partially, but I'm also thinking because the appleton you. Do. You're a teacher. So I've already learned something. We've been chatting a few minutes and any good teacher is always looking for the learning opportunity. Or is my nieces. Nephews would suggest uncle out gets a bit boring sometimes, but you know it's. It's a little masters interpretation. Deem enjoy teaching. I love opening minds. I think it's one of the most exciting things you can do. my my my suv, of of a number of catchphrase, but I'm an toes of my creative and professional life. took. The same chunk from Marxist thesis on feel about that the the breakfast cane I'm at where he said the philosophy The point however is to change. It mocks that he wants to do that with this. I say. Poets might six interpret the world. I won't my woods to change it. That's the whole point and education is the easiest mice. Directs and clearest sign that you changed the world. If you take a mind that doesn't have. Some information pull some information in an even better if you can help that person to go out and source more information. You'll you know you've changed the building? It's the the immediate feedback from that is one of the biggest buzzes in life. I consider a link in obviously you link between Nev- already set it between teach and poetry. Poetry is very engaging and. Are you perform it lot a now. At the moment you've been filming yourself and sharing your poems online, and so I'm thinking about their the link, not just between poetry and not teaching. But your activism and your cells, the political heart that beats in you. So when I suppose. What's the difference with the word that you were doing before the pandemic in the work you're doing now. Is it very different has evolved or is it? Are you doing more of the same bigger? Well! I'm really fortunate position that the pandemic give me a load of time I'm and yes, it has given me stress, but in comparison to a lot of people that have come into contact with a giving the relatively less stress, I'm giving lots of other people And it's been off a creative canceled every time. I start to get bit relaxed. Something happens A Tory opens their mouth Let's poison drew below. A friend or a friend of a friend's. Get sick or get better, the the. Other site. What's happening for me? Is the things that I would normally respond to it just over ramped up and so my writing is responding to that I I tend to to write from. A point of having a message to share or a passion that I just can't. Get Out in any other direction I'm poetry's sometimes the absolute best way to explain something that has a to me for some time. My best poems like the coach from Chameleon piece. I having spent years explaining to people who I am what I think of myself in terms of my ethnic. and. Cultural Heritage. I managed. That up in three minutes. On which would take me? I was Kinda Impact that poem from for an audience. But yet so because my. There's a heightened. Is there a heightened passions? At the moment? There are important issues there are messages that really need to be communicated, and that just keeps spurring me to do more and more and more so yes I think. I'm larger than life the moment because I'm responding to larger than life situations. It's making me. I'm produce large amounts of work. And I would hope the intensities also actually impacting on the quality I think. when I really care about things I get them right. as well as as as as well as wanting to get get them written on a want to get them right as A. Lovely law in the. You're not really a writer. If guessing it right is more important than getting written by actually great writing is with the to fuse where you're desperate to get it right, and you know you have to get written, and you have to get it written now because this message isn't going to be pertinent in two weeks time so. I'm really grateful to the to the white technologies evolve because now I'm recruiting things on my IPAD. With telly prompt. you know. So I can I can write things and recalled them at the you know within within the evening away. The to learn them to perform would have taken me a week or two, so yeah, the there's definitely some changes in the way that I work up the things that I'm responding to which means that the work is very different. Thinking about the teddy prompt and the difference between learning ones were. Being an actress well on repeating. Ones welcome taking ownership that way, and like you say reading from a teleprompter rescreen has altered. Your relationship with your work doesn't embodied in the same way. No in the same way, but partly that feels less important because the fact is, it's going to be coming out of a gloss screen at the other end, so the the level of in which your your body can interact for Coach. Will comedian at online Mike All slam events, and they can only see a certain amount of my buddy. Go to really wide angle, but the realities than you vocally so unless you've got a a microphone, the attaches to you. You end up being quite limited in what you can do. I don't actually have a good enough microphone. On a Phone or anything so I end everything ends up being convinced and reduced anyway, so is less embodied, however, nobody before they would have said that the process of committing a poem to memory really impacts on the nature of the poem I tend to think that the the bits of a halt to learn if into to to to chip away at the the unnecessary in the Poorly constructed in that process of learning, so I would have normally set. The would be losing something by by these prices, but so far I'm really pleased with the with what's actually come out so I guess I guess. After the event I'll have more opportunities to to to to learn some of these things in the right. The rising I just couldn't possibly learn and produce the same rate that I am at the moment so it. It's working for the situation of farmers lovie. So I'm thinking conventional students come out from like this sense of urgency, which I don't think is unusual, but also our passions, and know obviously our got of inside knowledge, because passions for sunsets and take. The sunsets, but also your other passion for.

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