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Yeah I ain't man. A motherfucking zero nasty on driving like a new car care. knew she are always be like going out to eat instead of going to the Cavan Avenue. Yes I'll say this kind of black capitalistic behavioral. Okay you got McDonalds money my Nigga. She got one hundred forty five She's been they've been ordered to pay a hundred and forty five thousand dollars out of court settlement. The the cash used in President Sam Ohlund's alongside Scott with locking Matt Griffin who worked with a cash Abbas department at the time after public protests with four other cheerleaders which took place in May two took place in two thousand seventeen. She dropped the lawsuit after sailing with the Georgia Department Administrative Services So I got I got her got her money. A lot of black people who believe in capitalism. I personally wish you stay would have given one or two dollars to every student on campus. Because that's what socialism is guys. Everyone gets two dollars Even though it happened are okay. No Wow okay fine Macaire fine Oh this advocacy role. I give it a zero as well care. I give it as because she gonNa be had all zeroes in her bank account. let's see what else Maryland MOESBY EH speaks of speaks out on the over militarization of police departments. She's a state attorney for Baltimore. State Attorney She spoke out against the criminal. The justice system in a negative impact it had on people call. It is almost like a you can be progressive prosecutor. It's almost as if people I can't wait to see how take her down. In a ration- ambitious in about ten years came to Seattle. Alamo focused flip on her Mobile who has led efforts to write an my one time. Someone got arrested for Jaywalking and in her district. Anna Ena humming. She couldn't stop as clearly. She hates likely will anyway. Let's vote for another white person a person hopefully moby who has led efforts to right around the criminal justice system in Maryland was Bigger University of Baltimore Lower View Forum title four Hundred Years Slavery and criminal justice system. She was bored a a criticism. I of course I've had people of Color in the Baltimore. Sun reported black. People are six times more likely to be arrested and become a part of criminal justice system than white. She admitted She joined other individuals from the lock community who also have a vested interest. In pursuing justice. Moesby spoke candidly about the disparity. In the way the justice system people of color versus out of their white counterparts are treated. She further noted that the community has largely been at the bottom of the totem pole has felt the brunt of the unjust convictions. You have over. You haven't over militarization of police departments all across the country racially unjust application allows against poor black and brown people collateral consequences of those convictions. That have kept black. What can Brown people and community as a second class citizens she said last month according to the Baltimore Sun's she announced that she will be cleaning house by taking by asking the court records throughout how the drought seven hundred ninety criminal cases that were reportedly by twenty-five corrupt cops That's another cost of corrupt cops CBS. People don't talk about zero to protect all police officers make sure that all above reproach and no everquest anything when you do finally say well wait a minute. y'All took some short 'cause I did some things that weren't right. We have to fucking everybody go right now. In seven hundred ninety conventions there are probably some people actually actually days when vein. Yes sir but because of the dirty ass hands of the people who fucking did it. There was not protected or served like you. You got people off the street. Read our innocent. And because you didn't give a fuck how you did it will you also gossipy Wall Street. And we'll probably guilty. Everybody go back into the pool. Everybody back out because we ain't got no time to go through and reach row everybody free. y'All will blame the prosecutor. y'All people will blame the prosecutor. But it ain't in eight to prosecute like like she's doing her job seeking actual Justice Mosey along Baltimore. Public defender Christian Dowd's Democratic Prince. George County State's attorney. I show a brave boy and reinforce deputy director of the university innocent project clinic was featured on a panel collaborative methods or reducing reduced. Mass incarceration out how to reduce mass incarceration So yeah man. I really like her. I don't know what people are going to do to try to make me. Hey or whatever but I don't know I really like her now he's keep going same So I- let's get into some some other stuff Let's do some guess stories guys Was My guest race as music. That's right it's time now that it's time for some that's right. It's time that's right. It's time for gas the race. No one game podcast when we read the plate news from all over the Globe and we get tested today cares and the chat rooms to guests right and of course everyone one plant is whereas all right let's see what these people are up to And Ivan Ivan Ivan Dead Okay. Avondale N'dale Avondale. Anne Arundel woman accused of trying to set her live in boyfriend on fire. Yeah yeah that's good. I guess it unit. Yeah I lie his ASS Yes she set them on fire Kathy at the Elizabeth Jones forty six faces charges of aggravated assault and criminal damage criminal damage. That's the first. I had not tired of that as a chart damage. What are you what are we Oughta Dan? How's now okay? Police say that December eleven. She's spray lighter fluid on a victim and through light live matches on the police report stays. Does she also damaged the front door by slamming hard. She could and attempting to break down the door at the victim reactor out to away police arrival when I got there. They noted the police report Jon Hat bloodshot watery eyes but she told him that is irradiated by the lighter fluid she also also tell police she atkinson is drinks and to mix drinks which he described as strong Gel Style believes she was upset with the victim. Make them because he will not celebrate at. She got hired by subway to support the report also stay she does not remember member. Anything else about the evening does not know how she ended up. Locked out at a restaurant resident I tell you what happened She got this job. She wanted to foot long He. When we didn't give it to whistle she got mad and okay Maybe he didn't feel like it was a great accomplishment to become a sandwich. RT's Jones bail was set of fifteen thousand dollars. She's doing court December. Nineteen Care Guess Rice of Kathy Elizabeth Jones cans going with black. I always feel like listen. You got to celebrate all the winds in your relationship. You know you. I've come home says hey I just got a new job at McDonald's you gotta be able. We got a new job. Well we don't. We must have saucy celebrating night. You know when we got one gas ask chat white. I don't know I think these people are just hours. Okay they scared me wrong. Delay White White and Horny SMIRNOFF and she a nigger black who. I associate divided them on black and white the correct answer the ears care said well you got it wrong. She's why.

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