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At one 37 p.m., another signal check. And this is the first time that there would be an incorrect pin, entered into the phone to try and unlock it. April 6th ten 26 a.m. a signal check from Chris's phone and an incorrect pin? One 37 p.m.? Same thing, another signal check and another incorrect pin. Then there's nothing further from the phones until April 11th. This day, at ten 51 a.m. there is another signal check from Chris's phone and again. Another incorrect pin. Then add 1156 a.m. the phone was turned off. From here there was no further activity and the battery was left at 22%. It is worth mentioning that none of these calls ever made it through as far as I can tell. They're just wasn't enough reception. Hence all of the checks for signal. I did see in some sources that one of the calls did connect. But it was only for a second and nothing came of it. I am not sure if this is concrete info or not, but it is out there. So we have a lot of calls made to emergency services. Clearly they needed help and very soon after going out, did they need it? The calls span over days, and then the remainder of the phone usage was searching for signal. The weird thing is that Chris's phone recorded an incorrect pin being entered starting the 5th. This was the day after Lee sans phone died. Many people believe at this point that Chris was either incapacitated, unconscious or dead. Because if Chris was using her phone, she would enter the right password. So many people believe that Lee San was attempting to enter the password on Chris's phone, but just didn't know it. Another theory regarding this incorrect password is that someone else was trying to get into the phone. Because ultimately, we don't know if they were alone this whole time or if they were with somebody or what have you. There's a lot of theories about this case, and Reddit is teeming with thoughts and ideas and rabbit holes..

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