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Most commercial airports in florida are open although hundreds of flights are still being cancelled or delayed as the state recovers from hurricane erma miami international airport says that limited airline and cargo flights have resumed the first departure was an american airlines flight to las vegas round seven this morning federal aviation administer rations as airports in fort lauderdale west palm beach orlando tampa and jacksonville are open the airport in naples on the southwest coast is closed except for emergency flights on the day before the cook county board considers repealing the controversial penny per ounce pop tax bill cameron says it was a rally downtown in favor of repeal big shorter staged a lively israeli across the street from the countered elden colon on the county border can the turks it was also about west showed guernica mr richard vojkan alban announcing he wants to run against currently ward president trump break wiggled in the march primary your that brighten shining star breaks through the darkness that tax that's hanging over our heads i can see the light getting through to clouds and i can see that tax nor away i can see us kim netdebts as long as you continue to let your shower and let me tell you there is nothing we can't build together can the hair in another moment working was yelling can president perec waco at city hall bill cameron wlsam 890 news autom the canucks are continuing their strike an auto dealerships across the chicago area are john dmc has more the tribune says.

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