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I asked I can't do anything about it. We can't prove it one way or the other. But if you just want like to win crap don't call let somebody actually does ski or snowboard lift tickets. All right. Part of the part of the work you've done, and you've got this beautiful book the work you've done you did while in the army. Correct. The graphs. No these are being made now. The photographs are being made now at fort McClellan, Alabama. No all around the United States. Meeting with veterans of fort McClellan. Okay. So tell us about that project. Well, when I was stationed at fort McClellan, I became ill. Didn't know what happened? Over the years had lots of strange. Symptoms that doctors can't figure out. Right after within nine months of being at fort McClellan. I was diagnosed with leukemia. Thought. Wow. I must have gotten into something fort McClellan, environmental you thought maybe something's something. Yes. If I knew that this was in nineteen eighty eight and eighty nine look pretty good for having leukemia. Yeah. I had a I was I'm very fortunate I healed from it. I had a remission and m okay. The transplant that things part of the treatment. No, no NAFTA. It didn't have to. Yeah. It went away. But that that sparked something in you. Well, it I just thought all along. Hey, I got into something at fort McClellan don't know such goes life onward. I go about let's see last February a friend of mine who lives here in Santa Fe, Robin Silverman. Who's also a veteran of fort McClellan. Just so happens made a post on Facebook. That said now, I know why I've been so sick all these years. She has had a whole range of extraordinary, rare cancers and things and and posted a American Legion magazine article that said talked about fort McClellan in the extreme. Toxicity. That was there. I side of fort McClellan. Well, it was a higher house where Agent Orange or something. Well, Monsanto was right outside the gates making PCB's and dioxins who knows? And actually the town of Anniston won a multi million dollar one hundred million dollar lawsuit against Monsanto for the toxicity that happened there. The the residents that are all sick. Also, fort McClellan was a. Kind of a stockpile and testing ground of both Agent Orange a whole slew of chemical weapons and radiological weapons. They've you know, there's I don't I cannot pretend to be an expert on what's there? I don't know if anybody can. But there is the bay still open. No the base closed in nineteen ninety nine that would be one to avoid. Yeah. Town. It'd be a place to sleep. Fortunately for them. Yeah. Unfortunately, there's clean up going on. There's. Fort McClellan is being turned into residential places. Things are being built. Yeah. On my end. I just after I had the sin assault. Oh, Well, I I said oh my God. I'm not alone. And then he said, oh my God. I'm not alone. And thought about it. I mean, it really had a big impact on me to find out. Why had been so sick? And why I still have odd things go on with my health system is as whacked, and so I decided, you know, I'm I'm a photographer, and I have a skill that I would like to offer to my fellow fort McClellan veterans by going around. And I I'm not trying to be to prove anything, I document. I'm just wanting to document for history. And maybe it can also help other veterans. These these veterans who served were at fort McClellan at one point but could be anywhere in the country now. Yeah, they're all over contacting them, they contacting you ever. A website. There's some some Facebook groups that they have formed that you know, I've joined and post and let them know I'm doing this project. They right into me. I have a website FM vets dot org that this the the work so far that I've done there's a blog that I post when I do interview, and there's some contact forms on there that allow them to get in touch with me. So you're you're going to be showing some of these photographs and there's one there's a display I have this portfolio gorgeous. Yeah. At is will be out. And then there's a a framed description of the project that's up as a work in progress about the lady took a picture of with their Chihuahua with sunglass. That's Chris John Lennon glasses Kirsten. Yes. Kirsten live. Now, she lives in Phoenix. Basically, Phoenix, Arizona. Okay. And. She's she's somebody that is extraordinarily ill after being at fort McClellan. There's there's it seems she was a in the women's army corps. So back there in the. Sorry seventies. I think she was in the service at fort McClellan being trained as a whack they called them women's army corps. And it seems like that depending on the decade that they were there or or sub group of years that there are common symptoms. For instance. The Vietnam era more Agent Orange symptoms later on I don't know what symptoms, but but things that that all match each other. That's what I'm finding living in that proximity. Either down win for Monsanto military base with drums appear quater, which was the defoliant. Also or Agent Orange those kind of things radiological. Just asking for disease. Yeah. And there was a lot in the ground as a train training, which we all trained to their training or crawl around in it. Yeah. And you so crawling in the dirt. Got it. All right. So there's a lot to your photography if you'd like to go, meet Memphis and seer photography is up now. But the big party everybody's invited. Tomorrow starts at four o'clock, there'll be music by Fletcher, and John plus another and in some some or derbies, and and refreshments some hot chocolate from cacao, you go, and you can meet her, and maybe tell her your story, and, you know, look at her photographs, and hopefully people will buy your photographs you also Memphis, you do beautiful woodwork because you you met in frame, and you mill your own would and put together the frame. Do you have a beautiful one here made of walnut? Nice work. Nice. Thank you. So you're you know, it it is kind of everything from the image to the finished product. Yep. I'm an artist and beyond. You know? I'm not just a photographer. I'm an art. And and I learned learned woodworking when I first moved to Santa Fe and and would work for a little furniture shop on canyon road. And so it all kind of comes together for me as a. Complete the products. We're lucky moved here in nineteen ninety. Thank you. Thank you very much again. Your website is Memphis, barberie dot com and FM vets dot org and the Facebook pages FM, that's actually my Facebook. I don't have an F M vets Facebook page, you can find me on on Facebook under Memphis barberie. All right. Best of luck. Thank you very much. You lard the website for the gallery is edition one gallery. All spelled out. And our address is seven to eight canyon road were right behind Ronald restaurant. Exactly. All right. And if you decide to go to Woodstock, let us now, I will be our correspondent loved.

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