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And our next guest A guy that i've had the privilege of talking with many many times But i've always wanted this data. Come as somebody who has long lamented. The fact that the bengals haven't done a ring of honor they have and i've always wanted to talk with ken anderson on the day of his election. That is today. Ken is with us now. Congratulations how are you. I'm doing great how you doing. I'm doing i'm doing well. I gotta think not nearly as well as you knew you were making this right. The bengals are going to have a ring of honor. You kind of went. Yeah i'll i'll be in that inaugural class right. You knew this was coming. You know you never know. I put a long time ago and there are seventeen other great candidates on the ballot. Some of them more current than i am. And you don't know where people's memories go so needless to say. I am so honored and pleased to be the inaugural class. Do do a sort of a dive into that for me. Roll through exactly what. It feels like to get that phone call and the types of emotion that jogs that comes to mind. Well you know. I think number one. Obviously i personally honored. But i'm i'm so happy because you know as you know in the national media the the bengals don't get a lot of respect sometimes and when you go back to the sixties seventies eighties. We were as good as any team in the national football league. And certainly i think you know people remember more about the eighty one super bowl team. But you know when i go back to to the seventies and you know the guys played in the sixties and seventies. We have some great players. Obviously you know kenny riley. Being one of them. But you know. I look back. You know myers. And isaac curtis and bob johnson and by trumping gosh essex johnson as good as any running back and we've ever had you know On the team until he hurt his knee in the playoff game against miami in seventy three. You know my roommate for years. Dave laughing tommy casanovas and i think the list goes on and on and you know to think finally we can go back to that era and they recognize me but i hope that. Remember a lot of these guys. Yeah i would. I would agree with that when when when memories come to mind of of your your finest moments your favorite team teammates and just certain milepost of your career. What memories have have come to mind just over the last couple of days since you found out that you're going to get this honour while you know. I think it's you know surprise. You ask that question. Because i just got back into a family reunion up in batavia illinois and my uncle vary whose like my older brother. Nancy moved from chicago to milwaukee and a retirement apartment aunt. Nancy never threw away anything and at a family reunion. They gave me a large box of stuff. And i spent a week going through that. And those not only newspaper articles from the seventies and on you know game programs tickets that kind of stuff. So you know the take that week and got kind of go back and relive those memories and then of course then get the call from mike brown and elizabeth blackburn. That was special. You have played with or played for all three of the other ring of honor inductees. So the paul brown is. It's remarkable to me. This was said by your former teammate. Chris collins worth in the nfl network special. They did on on paul. I don't know five or six years ago that there's the george halas trophy. There's a vince lombardi trophy. There's a lamar hunt trophy. There's nothing in the national football league named after paul brown which is astounding to me. When when you you played and played quarterback for for such a legendary figure. This is such an obvious question. But what was that like while you know you talk about being all someone when we come from the table and all i in august and college and all of a sudden fear sitting at riverfront stadium across paul at his desk and knowing what he meant to the national football league. You know the the great things. He did a cleveland. And you know i. If everybody's honest the way that the national football league at least operates today you know with the packer schedules with You know having an off season. Paul around started all of that. I mean so i mean he is kind of the founder of modern day football and and just to be around him especially i guess my only wish was i wish it would have been around him when he was a little bit earlier when when he may have been more active in the game planning but he's certainly commanded your respect and you know they say the meeting starts at nine. The meeting started when paul walked in the office and he walked into five. Nine in your in your seat. Then you got fined for being late. Ten riley had sixty five interceptions as as an nfl defensive back which is tied for fifth. All-time if i added on top of that total the number of times he picked you off in practice. How many would you have one hundred and sixty five. Kenny was a great player. And i think you know. Kenny was all about teams. And you know. I think if you talked to collins worth if you talk to isaac curtis and you'd be in training camp and christmas told the story before that you know he's a rookie going up against kenny. And then he would run a pass out and kennywood grab on the way back to the huddle and told him what he did. And what kennesaw. They make chris a better player. He would do that to me early in my career he would pick up one in and practice and then come on kenny. Your eyes gave it away or this. Was heavier shoulders the way it was turned. So you know he was all about team and all about winning and he made all of us better players in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty anthony munoz shows up. What do you remember about that. Well you know i. I was over the hill back then. my career was down They drafted my replacement. Seventy nine with the number one tech and all of a sudden you know anthony comes in anchors the left side of the line and we got max and we got flare bush shimmy got lap them and we got bush knocked. We got mike wilson. I became a good player again. Relation to those guys. It's interesting. I've always wanted to ask you this. So if you look anthony. Caught a couple of touchdown passes later in his career his rookie season the had one catch for minus six yards. Do you remember what happened there. I do not. I know he cut a lot more touched up all right. Well i we might have to go dive into the archival game footage and find out why one catch negative six yards something so something must have gone horribly wrong. I've said this to you publicly. I've i've said this to you privately. I long to have you on the air. And i hope to god. This happens where. I have you on the air and we talk about cam. And you're in. You're in the hall of fame. it's it's deserved. It's painfully overdue. And i said this to ken riley sung. We were talking about his hall of fame. Bona fides and i said to him. You know it's gonna make you feel good to hear and sort of grasp this very very grassroots movement. That bengals fans have been involved in to make that happen to to get your dad's strongly considered for the hall of fame. And hopefully one day inducted from from your standpoint it does have to make you feel good that there are so many people who feel so strongly that not only should you have been celebrated by the bengals long ago. Not only should you have been an are one of the first inductees into the bengals ring of honor but but you should have a commensurate celebration in canton. It does have to make you feel good that so many people feel so strongly about it and so many people. Frankly can that even didn't.

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