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Then they pay you tell people that means they start date and they they don't want you. The studio is now committed to you. Yeah they say you're committed. And they say here's a start date were booking your time and they had a start date annum and and then like joel's batman movie and he went through this like he went in the other direction he was like. I need to be doing something serious. I can't keep doing grisham. Batman grisham van. He was like he literally i was. I can't everything he said to me he was like. I can't do this programmer. You know what i mean for. And he and he bailed. Hollywood actor bailed after they made you pair play and he build. And here's the thing you talked about like. I was like. I was just like laughing. I was like see. I was right. I was right right. But it was warner brothers. Back in like the billy gerber. Lorenzo bonaventure is. I didn't know these guys from a. I wouldn't have known him if i'd seen them in a crowd warner's arranged fox regency so i so i i i. It was regency too because they hadn't jumped agencies anyway anyway. So i'm like i had thought myself and my big hollywood agent. He's going he's going. He's going you sit tight your old say god damn word you let this ride. You know you're going to get paid for you know and then i'm gonna get you paid again. He says that he did for denzel. You're going to get paid. Then you really get paid again. 'cause you love 'em like this sounds good to me sad and i'm like and i'm like and i had this little it with myself and i was like you know what like that's not a good long game in this town and so i asked to go so i go into warner brothers. I never been to a drive into brazil. I go to the big executives whose i walk in and i sort of said. Hey guys i said listen you know. Honestly all of this was joel dino. Joe leaned on you to make me pair play like earlier than normal. And i honestly was a little ambivalent about it in the first place i am not as nothing and i said i so appreciate it but my i said my feeling is listen. I know you. You got me. But yet i said you know what. Why don't we just. We should just tear this up. Wow and shake hands and say like let's find another one you know and i was like what could i do. That could be more standup right and walking in and saying hey you know we sure this is an arranged marriage. Let's let's like like each other for the long-term right and i play out. No and they all go and these guys and they all go they go. Oh my god like you're such a man. She or what a good you know like what a great guy but but but no. We're making the movie and i was like. Oh because it's supposed to start in like four months and there's no like july or august. I'm like there's no director and they're like do you want to make the movie. Do you believe in the movie and candidly i. I think there are things that could be great about it. I think this this and that and they were like joel joel. They're like wheat. People are lining up to direct. This movie who do you think would be great. And i start dreaming and i start going. We'll god what about sydney pollack. What about This person that person anthony. Miguel you know. I'm like throwing out names and there and they start going great. Let's work on this together. we're we're doing. We're doing it like you want you in it. And you and i was like okay but now if i say yes like i really am not going to do something else so we really are doing right and so i started like throwing names in. And they're saying no they're saying no to people and lo and behold like the time comes around and the movie supposed to start and there's no director there's no production and now ed goes he he goes. You're getting paid like he goes out and so in my mind i'm going. This can't be good no matter what. It can't be good to force a studio dollars. What you're not going to make it blah blah. It can't be good and aren't in relations lawyers get all toothy with and then they look at the deal and realize warner brothers has boxed us in to paying money for a movie. That's not going to get made. They were so angry. And then someone sent me the rounders script and in that this thing and i'm just sitting there going. I tried to do the right thing. I but i'm really on the fence about like what should i do. And there was kind of thing and suddenly it came in and they were like and it was in the same slot. Yeah and i kind of went. This is great like this is great. This is really fun. And i could use it like as an let them off the hook thing because it was in the same slot i could say. Hey whatever they give me at remediate ends dad. And why don't you guys get fifty cents on the dollar or what. It gives me a chance to have a great time to exactly what i wanted to do. In the first place with the kind of people. I wanted to do it with and still get the same dough and make really imagine them. You know go go. Okay this guy's all right and so it was like per and so it was really funny because that was the end of that year and when you guys came out and i went around it was like i i lift. I felt that year because the it was a bad year. That's what it was. It was it was. It was rain here on one level and bad audio dominates. Everything it was it was it was actually was like the oscars. I barely remember making american history. X was like it was like putting a finger in the dike right. It was like a way to just shove everything completely decide. Then it was just like it was a bad year. It just nothing. Everything was like i just was it was a bad year and and you know and at the end of the year. It was like okay. This is starting to look like the fun that all this was gonna produce you know when it kicked off a two years ago. Really you know what i mean right and so i did feel going into rounders like it was kind of like this deep breath all right. I'm allowed to have some fun. You know what. I mean that's awesome. Yeah well that night. Felt like obviously to the to dave in me you know like i said we watched the american history x thing. Where like all right. This is really fucking intense. Then you mark help book which meant the world to us to people. Don't know not mark halperin mark halperin. They're different people and then going out into those poker casinos already sort of and it was great because we could see. Were already sort of figuring out watching and figuring out mannerisms and had had to do the thing But had you because of what went on with your mother did. Did you get to really enjoy the whole thing until after until you in new york on rounders and then after that when you went off and did fight club like you said to me during that because of somewhere around them you turned to me. 'cause it was such a learning experience me and you said just you know you're gonna be on a lot of people who become famous. The first years people come famous. They're kind of useless. Do you remember saying that. The first year comes famous. They're useless. don't ever worry about what someone does enough. I hear it was great because you would just come through you. Were just on the side of that kind of did you get to enjoy it. Then no i. I mean and the funny thing was rounders was really fun. I thought Rounders really was like a spot of.

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