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SMART Company. Now here's Musab Hassan the green prints. By the way initially, this is like one of the I've known you for a while and I feel like we go way back. But this is one of the hardest shows to book. Initially, you didn't even want to do it right your manager like couldn't reach you and or the book publisher I should say couldn't reach you. Can we talk about that a little bit? You know a I said what they had to say I don't like repetitions know just keep it a bit myself again, and again through a media outlets might publish. From, their point of view they want me to promote the book, which is a product for me. If I said something even to one person is already contributing consciousness to the world I don't need to would be two thousand times I take a break I. Think a step back evaluate my actions, evaluate my movement alone from my mistakes you know I'm not like a blogger or a politician or a religiously the Reno's like wants to control the Punch of sheep individual and respect my individuality sometimes I feel bankrupted there is nothing else to say. and. I just dwell into silence. You know I'm not afraid to say have nothing to say that was the truth. You know I hope that you take it. Personally I think no, it was great and I, think you're a great person than when time comes on so that you were like insisting you know that's Okay see maybe there's something. Well I appreciate that I mean you do have very strong beliefs and your story is really impressive because of that because you basically were put in a place where you had to correct me if I'm wrong here, you you almost had to trade your home to do what you thought was right Yo-. You had to trade your home in your family to do what you thought was right in the end not the only harm. In fact, I had to die to the old son I have to die to everything that I knew my friends to my family to my culture, my society in my securities, all of them everything I knew all the knowledge that they had. Of the sudden had to choose between that, all the things that any rarely useless and I walk into the unknown not knowing what's GonNa be next what's going to be tomorrow and that's all for the sake of my year trade them not to be enslaved. To expectations of a certain society on a certain group of people including my own parents. I don't want to say that this is the ultimate prize had to go through a lot from torture to a like literally death. You know my heart stop the level of pressure that they had to go through my heart stop for approximately thirty seconds was the human beings cannot make it back in. This is the level of trust that was gone through. Whose family it was home to lose my sense of security my sense of being which practically now I know that it was just a false sense of being. Let's start from the beginning because a lot of people don't really know. Your story of course, but they also don't necessarily know what how massive can you explain what it is for people who've maybe never heard of it or only heard of it on the news how mass is an? Islamic. Movement. Like on the car the. Bond La jihadists understood those groups of course it has a 'cause. It has a national 'cause has a religious 'cause. Now, the United States of America and the rest of the free world actually Hamas terrorist organization. My father is one of the founding members of Hamas in the seven. Founders Hamas at some point was my project. Hamas for us was everything. For me as a person who was born in the heart of Hamas leadership and wins Thomas Evolution from the moment establishment to the point where became an army and a main player in the stability of the East region it fascinates. I cannot even say what Hamas is is Hamas nineteen, Eighty, seven, the I was born or is it Thomas two, thousand three killing thousands of people sending dozens of suicide bombers is a Thomas the political movement or is it Tamazight religious movement is a it's a month when you say that it's a monster, I mean I want to get into the. Lucien of this I actually, of course I've read the book I watched the movie will link to those things in the show notes as well. You grew up with HAMAS throwing roxette convoys, Israel, lead convoys, and things like that. Your Dad was in Hamas your grandfather was in a mess. What was your turning point where you realize like Oh, I'm in the middle. Of this organization I mean I. Know When you were young the police the Israeli soldiers I should say came to your House to talk to your dad for five minutes was that story the beginning of your experience it almost seems as you tell it in the book that that's the beginning of what you realize. Oh, this is a real thing that I'm. In here this is like a family legacy that's pretty serious. First of all, my father was arrested by Israeli forces many times. It was just released the few weeks ago. He spent more than twenty five years in Israeli prisons and the tribunal I grew up where a punch of uniform soldiers considered by the Palestinian society might society them as the enemy the occupier? We did not like them actually we hated them and we want them dead and for that. They would come the my father and his other Hamas. And other Palestinian factions. It was a war zone. You know not only arrested my father. We're not talking about like you know the police coming into some protesters house and them in California you know we're still can about army coming into the house rivals pointing at the everybody sometimes there was shooting and sometimes that was clashes outside sometimes sugar got shot sometimes Ilgar is got. Thousands of people died during the first specimen father and I was living just right next to the cemetery of the town which as a child at the age of ten I witness, the burial of dozens, hundreds of people on daily basis. You know the body's just kept coming coming coming of course, talking about threats now sounds exaggerating but like even. For me right now it's very hard to believe that I had to go through that to see the human pro-taliban. It's not as simple as just like, no, the dog my daddy you know away. You know on the child now have some prejudices. Were talking about hard core human ugly side. You know as ugly as it can get with everybody's living in fear where everybody wants to shoot everybody where everybody's trapping everybody. So in this chaos. Chaos where the truth is lost, where where tried on asleep the no. A better. Chore. My father was the truth and what to do with those uniform soldiers coming into the house to just my father and of course, any trial if you went in my position,.

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