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Contact section and you can reach that way as well. I that works for me just get older and if you're interested in having more shows per week go to the confessionals podcast dot com and hit the joint button and become a member we put out an extra show oh every Thursdays for members only so if you're interested in that go ahead and check it out so we got a cool show coming up here for you guys this week. We have amy coming on the show show and she's a local woman to me. She's from the Bensalem area and I've talked about Bensalem before on this show. We're talking about today where I saw a foe in Bensalem and actually no no. I didn't see the UFO and Bensalem. I read about the phone. Ben Salem and I saw the outside of Benfield anyways. We're bringing amy on the show and I'm really excited about having her talk about. I her experiences because it's going to be talking about different abduction scenario. She's been through an even things taking video of her with her phone while she's sleeping very very trippy stuff. I'm really excited about it but before we get to amy we're going to bring on. Scott here because Scott and I are working on a collaboration where we're going to bring into US starting starting today. The confessionals beard oil series so Scott. Hey doing man I'm doing man. I'm doing good. I'm really excited about these beard oils. I I when I first started the podcast huge beard and I did. I was a judge in different competitions. I entered my beard and competitions. I reviewed beard oil and bathrooms and things like that. I was always in fact when I started the podcast I had a huge pile of boxes stacked against my wall in this room right now of products that I was supposed review and I never did never did never got around to it but either way I was really heavy in the beard game and I always wanted to I have my own beard oils and so you contact and you're like hey man I gotta I just found out about your you know love for beards and I have a company and Yeah I'd love to work with you on something. I could send you products. Check out and I said yeah go ahead. Send it over and beyond that you Scott I after reviewing so many products you get used to the fact that most products suck you know like most products they do. They suck either. It's either they have awful sense bad marketing or the the quality of the product is bad. You know so it's like if you have good quality sometimes the sense suck and the marketing sucks. Maybe the marketing is great but the the quality audie sucks in the sense sucks to hit. All three is very rare and so you send me the stuff and like okay you know. I didn't think anything of it. I got the package and I SIP or a couple of days because I was like I'm busy when I opened that up and I saw the different sense that you had. I was like holy crap like the marketing itself just stood out to me. Yeah I mean it was unbelievable. The marketing aspect of these things so what you sent me where four different sense one was called morning Joe and you designed it to look like a a starbucks logo and I was like that's cool and then there was one that was called the fade which is like a barbershop look to it and then there's the bubble are there was what double-trouble Bubblegum I'll tell you what man I was really impressed with the marketing aspect of things I like well. He hits the marketing but we'll see about the scent when I opened the bubble gum. It's I was like I wanted to. I wanted to taste it like that's how good it snowed and I was like holy crap and I went through these sense and they all all smell mazing like the morning. Joe Literally smells like coffee. I was like holy and so I wanted to ask Scott before we get into. The sense thinks that we're going to be launching for the confessionals. How did you get involved in making beard oil well. It was kind of a It's it's been kind of a long journey to be honest. I was I got interested. I found some products on Amazon or something like that and I've always grown kind of Apache beard so I was looking looking for products that would help fill in some some areas and maybe take care of some work that genetics down but everything I tried. I don't know it just didn't work or or the sense we're all generic and everything smells it a pine tree type thing and so I don't know I just did some research and found out the the big carrier oils get ingredients and stuff to news and I wanted to kind of create something a little stepping outside the norm as far as you know sent profiles and stuff of that nature does so it's been about a year and a half now and I don't know doing well absolutely man so what the audience is getting through this show is beard oil three cents and the sense our dog man sasquatch and Specter and I'm telling you do like I didn't have any doubt in my mind that you'd make a good product with with my face on it with the logo but when you send it to me to try I was blown away and so my two favorite is sasquatch and dog man those are my two favorites cents and when I first smelled them SASQUATCH was my favorite and then I didn't try sasquatch watch on though I just smelled it and then I try and actually put the dog man on and I was like Oh this is great. This is my favorite and then I put the sasquatch on later and my wife smell the sasquatch on me and she's like Oh. I really like that not became my favorite then the wife likes it then I love it so yeah and so that's the thing I mean with these sense. I mean people that are listening. You're you're not. GonNa put these on feel like you just walked out of a dumpster. You know if you're you get the SASQUATCH like it's not like you just rummaging through you know trash and you're going to smell like a big big foot or you know dog man. You're not going to smell like a wet dog walking around the house you know so it's more than names attributed to the show show the most stuff but these things smell great and I'm really excited about it so if people are listening are interested if you've got a beard you're definitely we're. GonNa try these products okay and there's guys that I know have you know big long beards and they're like Oh. I don't put anything in my beard well. You're silly then because because your wife would really appreciate if you took care of your facial hair because do you wash your hair yeah. Do you take care of your hair. Yeah well you take care of your beard hair as well and so that's that's that's my pitch to people. Never I came across people because they're like Oh. Why do you review products. I'm like well because I have a beard and I use products and they're like you actually put stuff in your beard. I'm like yes like it's like asking me. Do I wash my hair. You know guys if you got a beard. You're definitely going to try these beard oil sense and ladies if your man has a beard definitely buy these for his birthday. Christmas is coming up right around the corner and if you don't know anybody the has a beard and you don't have a beard by for yourself because I'm telling you these sense smell so good Scott. Would you say that you could actually take these oils and put them. I'm an oil burner and have as a fragrance in the house and that's what I've been telling people. Would you back me up on that or no yeah absolutely I actually I do it myself since I'm that's what I'm saying man like I wouldn't recommend that for all beard oils but for this I was like holy crap. You'd literally have oil burner and it would make the house house smell amazing and so you know even ladies if you want grow the hair on your legs in your armpits and telling you you're not going to be disappointed but I just wanted to Scott. Thank you so much for coming at me and asking me to be part of this because I'm I'm just this literally was a dream. Come true for me like I can't tell tell you how much I've always wanted to have my own sent line and I finally have it. Thanks to you and I really appreciate it and I'm really excited about dropping these so they are on sale right right now October first two thousand nineteen so if you want to get a look at the beard oils that we're coming out with go to the confessionals podcast dot com hit the store button and and scroll down to the bottom you'll see the sense right there and when you click the images to go ahead and purchase your beard oil ill redirect you to Scott's website and Scott. What is Your Website Anointed Aka Dot Com anointed AK DOT COM and there you'll be able to purchase any of the sense and go ahead and check account the other sense that Scott makes and stuff but if you're going to buy something office Scott that's not the confessionals sent I will hunt you down so definitely definitely purchase some of these sense that were coming out with but Scott thanks a lot man I really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to people getting these oils and and sending US reviews absolutely man. Yeah I appreciate. It's been a fun time together and I really hope everyone enjoys him absolutely so definitely check it out everybody and and let's get to this week's interview. We have amy coming up right after this coming. Thursday's members audio trailer. Let's go.

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