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And i'm the first one that will say we're going to have nepi deming of over protein or reading too much in and we're going to find out the consequences very soon i mean in our people who show three to four fold increase in cancer incidents right and seventy five percent increase in overall mortality in the following twenty years for people that were sixty five and blah in even for the sixty five and above it was the moderate protein intake it was not the high didn't need to have high protein intake moderate was sufficient i mean in in my book i talk about maybe increased by twenty percent when you get to agencies vice seventy below the minimum recommended right so yeah absolutely but then again if you look at fish and i have to go with the science and if you look at most studies fish is always on the positive side beside the mercury fish swordfish the tuna etc for all of them but the most that is are showing beneficial effects right that's why i have to say even though some people can argue well at lea may or may not be the best idea but if you look at the science fish plus vegan seems to be the way to go and what is it i think when you haven't sort of said it explicitly but this relationship between meat intake and the incidence of cancer like what is going on there because i think when you say that to somebody like basically saying meet causes cancer is that what you're saying and if it's not if it is if it isn't like i want to kind of clarify that yeah i mean i don't say that.

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