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And then someone who's always bothered me Taylor in love her the young son Piero brilliant, Polaris to go in our basket of people people who need Justice. Yes. Except okay. I'll get my name is trying to make us like her. And I just felt like at the time they were just trying to replace Marissa. But she we were looking at it all wrong through the lens of placing Mercer where it's like, no, she's an an incredible character to she will go in the basket of people who wants hated. But now deserve Justice Alah Meredith Blake Allah, Gaston, Allah, sharpei, Evans, exactly done. I'm glad I got off my chest. Meet you, and I'm glad that we now have another addition to our basket because I love making the basket. The MVP of the show who Julie Cooper Nichol. Julie Cooper took the show on her back truly, and she was just so under appreciated on that house that she got. Yeah. But like her ending kind of bothered me because she was choosing between two men Ryan's dad and the bullet who is the best character ever, and she never really made choice. And instead went to college. We'll see about that. Let's get a spinoff Julie Cooper where she now. Like, I would love that could open actress now, that's Melinda. Clarke did a lot of the characters from that show. Like didn't really do anything KiKi cures them. What did she do? Oh, but the grandfather is now on dynasty. He literally a cat has nine lives. I know. And now, I always thought I would never see him as anything other than Caleb Nichol. But then when like you really do hear his accent. And he really is what's his name Allen do know in the dynasty was a enders. Are you caught up on nine? Yes. The greatest show of all time, the Grisham of all time the greatest wardrobe of all time in the greatest set designer of all time and the greatest makeup artists for Gillies. Because who the hell does her eyeliner the greatest wardrobe? We've always had my follow the wardrobe stylists on Instagram. So smart like I just love seeing her stuff posts like inspectors. And I just want to know what she's inspired by right because I'm worried about her wings. Fires your inspiration. Well, let's think minds version is Andy Cohen, and he's inspired by like Susan Lucci. So I don't really relate to that. But. By soap opera stars from the eighties. Okay. Next up Cardi B, Las Vegas. Residency announced at the palms casino resort. Biggest is just like coming out strong. Cardi B is headed to sin city on Wednesday. The palms casino resort announced. The bodak yellow wrapper will kick off her first residency this spring at. -oday club and nightclub slated to open in April as part of the hotels six hundred and ninety million dollar renovation Cardi joins G eazy, cascade and scroll IX among additional performance who will performers who will have residencies at the club the venue. Also reportedly features a rotating three hundred sixty degree deejay booth vomit, and he had no I've been there dates will be announced Wednesday. Okay. Okay. I just think like we need to just relax on the residency because it's beyond confusing. Like when Florida Georgia line had a residency did three shows are six shows in Vegas. That's not the same. Are you there for five years, then it's a residency jelly pop yesterday. No. Because that was their exact point. Oh, and I wondered what I would've said I would've said about this. She's too young to have residency shows and have enough in her catalog put on album folks, doing like a month of shows. She's doing like every other Friday in Vegas. It's so stupid like, and then you see Margaret text me Las Vegas residency for Cardi B. And I was like oh my God. But then I'm like one, and then it makes sense. She's not actually doing a residency Celine. Dion five shows a week for five years. She's doing show. A couple of concerts..

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