Wall Street Journal, Tesla, Kim Jong discussed on WSJ Minute Briefing


Discover Milan Italy with WSJ magazine and into Garay. Join WSJ magazine editors for behind the scenes access in Milan. As you meet the city's most influential tastes makers dine at top restaurants. Visit the private villas of lake coamo and much more book. This once in a lifetime trip at integrate dot com slash WSJ magazine or call six four six seven eight zero eight three eight three. I'm Jay are Whalen in the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal in New York automaker. Tesla says it will be shutting stores and moving to selling vehicles only over the internet. It's part of an effort to cut costs. So the company can offer its model. Three at a long-awaited starting price of thirty five thousand dollars. Tesla had three hundred and seventy eight stores and service centers around the world at the end of last year Tesla's scheduled to deliver its largest ever bond payment. Meanwhile, on Friday, that's a move that will likely use up nearly a quarter of its cash at a time when the company faces increasing scrutiny from regulators and investors the parents of Otto warmbier on Friday blamed North Korean leader, Kim Jong own in his regime for their son's death that follow President Trump saying he accepted Kim's word that he didn't know about warm beers abuse. While he was held in captivity warmbier came home in two thousand seventeen blind and deaf with a feeding tube in his nose. He died about a week later, and pack. Stan returned to captured Indian pilot on Friday, which could deescalate clashes between the two nuclear powers during two days of airstrikes earlier this week. The pilots plane was shot down by Pakistan, yet jetted before it crashed on Wednesday and landed just on the Pakistani side of the disputed border in the Kashmir region from more on these and other stories of the day, go to wsJcom or the WSJ app.

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