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Ben Baylor wide receiver. Jalen Hurd is an official visit other burnin Jalen her. Yeah. There you go. Now more genuine right now. Let's see how how do you get this one Notre Dame defensive tackle? Jerry Tillery is an official. Visit. Aren't even know what to do with my lips. Like, how do I I have no idea how I made this sound in the first place, and I've been trying to replicate it along with the brand starving for days, and she's not possible. Okay. Get really high for this one. Because this is a guy that we both talked about both love red four three at the combine official visit Georgia wide receiver Michael Hartmann. What you give to you? Like, you really going to bring it. You're the one who's got it all these there's like five like you're like just salloway totally off the charts Nevada cast offer you so what do you think of these official visits? I wrote a piece recently, I'm bleeding renascent dot com. Finding like a complementary piece for Jordan Howard, which is like a short term view things, but finding the areas where like we have holes in the in the backfield, which I found to be breaking tackles in space being allusive. And also the the second one being pass catching receiving ability. Durell Henderson who's an official. Visit was one of those guys for me the top guys. Whereas like the Olympics go any other guys on it list. Justice hill is a guy that we mocked the eagles in our last seven around market. Yes. Eighty seven or eighty eight Kistin Sollac, and he was a day three guy that we light. So they're bringing in a lot of running backs. They're also bringing these big wide receiver Jalen Hurd. And then you have Tillery matched with Christian Wilkins was another. Visit like they're really hitting these positions of need pretty hard. Yeah. Now, I find that big slot vibe, very interesting. So it's been jail. Unheard AJ Brown for shore. Did they have to kill Harry or now? Yeah. Nikiel Harry was one right and carry and then I've seen like they've had miekel Hartman in Paris Campbell as well. So obviously some clear like speedy gadget types, which I've long held the belief. I don't know if it's strong enough to be a belief like just like an opinion. But I very much felt like Peterson wants a gadget player the way he had in Kansas City with two with Terry Hill. And they've they've used galore gadgetry sort of ways, but it's never been super productive for them. And I think they really would like that gadget. Type that Peres Campbell type. I don't think they wanna spend an early pick on it. But I do think it is a mold. They wanna fill Dextra cluster was another guy that they brought in local from where I'm from from Largo high school player that kicked out of the kick seminal out of the playoffs. I remember him. It was the gadget player for themselves. Like like that mold..

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