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The SPIVEY special podcast. That's like a Baker's dozen times almost three. I'll take your word for because you look like you've eaten at least a dozen bakers today so they're very yummy a very special guest with us today coming all the way from the living room. I'm just glad she's the one who came from the living room because we'd still be waiting on your big but to get in here so the kitchens in between there and here so you don't have any chance of that stop. I'm GonNa Stop All Day. Make a pitstop. They set up a base camp. The call you the octagon all you do. Stop in the kitchen that makes sense. There's diagram if you couldn't figure it out from the hand. Our guest today is my wife. My mother's play. Hello welcome to the PODCAST. Similar tickets thirty four episodes to get you on the show and I live here. I've been trying for weeks Zach just like I don't think that's true. I don't talk to Zach. Took a lot of convincing together on but I'm glad she's here. We're GONNA have a lot of fun. So what did we? What do we do this week? I knew I was on vacation. I loved it. I did go in Monday but works kind wild right now so it was nice to have vacation to couple naps. We want a couple of hikes stuff started. Open back up. Sarah my wife and I might actually go out to eat somewhere tomorrow. Where are you going there? Possibly Lucille's is that a thing. Is it really? Oh Yeah I saw someone posts on the book that even have to wear a mask surprised that not spaghetti factory really sweet factory. No I'm saying I'm surprised you guys aren't going to spaghetti factor. Not sure if it's okay. I'm not sure what counting implants in Roseville is. We're to Spaghetti factor tomorrow. Now we're talking big news at our house. I don't know if you can hear in the background but we got a new dog. A puppy a puppy. Not just a dog. I as crying currently. She's so cute though. She is very cute dog. Her name is summer. She is a golden retriever. She is purple color. She likes to eat bark chips and Dick Dick. We've had for twenty four hours. That is good classic Choi In say. Well we're GONNA jump right in and we're GONNA play. Get to know your host America's favorite game show Bingo Bongo Bong Bing bungling long. That's the song it was different month. Time Yeah we have to ask. It's different every time. So let's go and get started A. We're going to have ten questions. I believe you're looking at your notes from here. Looks like a zero one. Upside down would be ten from your point of view. So we're going to end the Baker's dozen minus the three that I ate before it got Detroit so we're going to go and get started we're gonNA find out all about other spivey. These questions are need. Learn something about her go learned today go learn today all right so we could ask you. Ten questions visas answering as quickly as possible. They're very difficult questions. Usually either or sometimes. They have three options. All right here we go. Are you ready to know your guest? Poo Poo path number one at a grocery store paper or plastic paper heads or tails. That's rock paper scissors paper cat or dog dog cooker. Do Dishes Cook Beach. Mountains Beach Skydiver. Scuba dive scuba dive. Scooby Doo or Yogi. Bear Scooby Doo nachos or a hotdog nachos. Pepe pig or patrol. I gotTa Watch Bolt of That is good to know your guests with Heather. Spivey Woo Woo. That was pretty good. I learned some things. I learned that she likes nachos figured she wasn't going to go hot dog. So now you get not just a mile. You're welcome overthrow that for our dinner suggested tomorrow hot dogs nachos or Burrito. That wasn't one of the you. Ruin the game. Okay ruin everything. Oh boy all right. We are going to take a quick break and we're GONNA come back with food court files all right before to deepen today's episode. We WanNA talk about something. That was Impacted our lives Last year something near and dear to our hearts you WanNa go and tell her story so this is something that we had never heard of before Lucas. Our son was diagnosed with it He was born with a condition called cranial synthesis which is where the C. Have Sutures in your skull. And they don't. They're not supposed to fuse until later in life and his mom topic which is the forehead Fused while he was while I was still pregnant. So he had a missed shaped head essentially I noticed it pretty much right away. didn't say anything though and then it was about this time last. It was about this time last year when The doctor was doing just as normal checkup and he was kind of poking around in his head. And I'm like well. What are you looking at? And he goes wall nothing too serious yet but his head isn't shape correctly and just like lost it. This was one appointment that I went to buy myself. The both kids and this guy is telling me that. Potentially my kid needs surgery like what so we have that appointment. I come home and tells Zack. What's going on and then he basically scheduled US neurosurgeon appointment. And I'm like freaking out at this point like my what four-month-old now is out of surgery like heather things the worst We go to this appointment and they confirmed that yes he had it yes. The suture was closed And he needed surgery in the way. That surgery was performed for this particular type of condition. Was they basically open up your school from ear to ear and take out the front portion of it Re constructed put it back in and then close it all up This happened in August of last year so he was eight months old when the surgery happened. he's a frigging champ because he came out of that you know stronger than he's ever been. We came out of it stronger than we've ever been One thing I will say is having gone through this being an advocate for it putting it out there because like I said we didn't know about it before we didn't know what caused it. They don't know what caused it. They suspect they know what caused it. But there's no confirm confirming information or anything like that. It's just something that happens But yeah so what I want to say if you are out there and you're listening to this and you have a kid with this condition. There's a company called cranial care bears who will send a package to the child Prior like a week or so prior to their surgery with a bunch of stuff in it a Plunkett hats because after the surgery the kids have to wear hats. there had can't be exposed to the sun. There scar can't be exposed to the Sun Lucas. Now you tell him. Hey let's go outside. And he hits his head because he needs to get his hat. He knows that he go outside without his hat on but they just sent a big box full of stuff that helped us get through the hospital time. Yeah they're just a part of an awesome community of people that we reached out to like. It's like one out of three thousand kids or something that has This condition so the chances are you've never met anyone that's had it. But we found people all over the country other kids that were having surgeries around the same time and they were able to answer all of our questions and the People Krino cameras are really cool. So if you guys get a chance. Check out their website. Reach out to them. If you're looking for a charitable organization. They're pretty cool one to reach out to. Its every specific in a really good causing. They're really good people and they really helped us to really difficult time. Yeah there's the other thing is there's a bunch of on. I was looking for like outreach. Basically in trying to find support groups going through this because nobody knew what I was going through. Nobody understood what I was going through and I found this to a couple pages on facebook that there were thousands. Fifteen thousand people in this group who were going to the same thing I was going through and I was like so thankful. And then that's when I found the cranial caregivers and it was just a it was a blessing to find both of those things and now Lucas a thriving. He's had a surgery. He just had a follow up his six month. Follow up visit He's doing great his incisions. Great his head shapes great doesn't have to go back for another year so we're good. He's just a normal kid. Doing Macho Man Randy. Savage elbow drops off of the coffee table and being a normal kid. So fallen off chairs. And you know he's a boy so we want to share that quick story. I don't know that we shared that before. That happened right before we started the podcast so we just wanted to now that we had heather on the show. Share that quick story and we will get on with podcast all rise. It's time for the Food Court House this week. Four food court files will be talking about road trip foods that is going to be. All healthy options is my guess. So we're GONNA talk about road trip foods. Mostly because that's Heather's favorite thing to plan for. I remember the first road trip that we went on. We went to a dodger game in southern California. We were. I think I was twenty so you would have been nineteen probably and I was taken aback at how we planned for. Just the car right. So it's it's a long car ride. It's six seven hours to get to. La Heather packed like a hundred dollars worth of food for this trip. Did I thought we were going to like the moon for two months with the amount of food that she packed. It's a little bit different. Why don't you explain? Do you have like a backstory as to why we have to bring the entire pantry with us for like a tiny carpet? Yes I do Growing up I had we well. Our vacations were going to my grandma's and it was road trip obviously to Arizona and it would take eight hours and my dad and mom would pack a cooler full of cheese vegetables fruit meat. Salami all this crap in the cooler and then a bag of chips and crackers and everything too so we wouldn't have to stop pretty much the back story of that so that's just how I grew up and now I do it myself. So I'm basically turning into my spirit's now. What would be your like Europa Cooler? What's your number one? I sure hope this is in there in large quantity string cheese. It's a sleeper the string cheese road trip. I'M GOING UNHEALTHY BIG TIME. Candy Candy and beef Jerky. I don't like to plan ahead. I like to get to the gas station in my mood. Guide me through the tiny little aisles of what I need to get hunger hunger. Yeah he's No. He's like my spidey sense while I'm in there. I'm kind of the same way I I have a few that I normally choose but I like to kind of feel. You're not always gonNA WANNA go now. Who are you kidding? You're always going to get a mountain dew and spicy doritos. That's all you're going to get not true true. I've been on a few roaches of them where he hasn't got that younger years. Like Skinny Zach. I'M GONNA go part and Apple knows what's everyone's top three. We're just GONNA turn it into gas station foods to you're stopping at a gas station. You're going and YOU ELIMINATE MONEY CUMIN. Also be like seven eleven. Yeah what we stop in shell slash seven cool not a lot of pressure. I'M GONNA go with a peach snapple. Ptsd snapple. I don't usually drink diet or regular regular or on the road trip ole hole. Then I'm going to go so candy it's GonNa be Reese's king-size are just the two packer King Size. And then let's see ships ranch doritos. Would you put those in the chip? Category that you're thinking just bring it up so I can have my counterpoint here. I also have a thing for ranch. Cornets Zach expanding before I like corn. Nuts love them. I mean it's not good for your teeth or like your taste. Buds lookalike cat food. They smell like cat food. I imagine they taste like cats. Usually goodness no corn nuts. His cornet because unlike scared to eat one. It's basically like a popcorn. Colonel Colonel Like popcorn seed. They're not easy to eat. So it's like that thing at the bottom of the popcorn bag that you throw away because it's not edible but it's like fried. Corn nuts are a lot better than corn on the COB fried taken off the Cob Right. Yeah Corn kernels Friday. How can that be bad with seasoning? Dad probably like it a vegetable right. Corn is nothing like a good grain.

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