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George Floyd, White House, President Trump discussed on PBS NewsHour


Moment to affirm that black lives matter and that George Floyd's life mattered and that the countless black women and men who's lost their life to police brutality and racism and violence lives matter following a brief visit this morning from president trump outside the national basilica police on one side of the line protesters on the other day I'm out here with some friends who don't necessarily look like me but we attend the same church and largely a feel that they've been silent and I want to stand with them and help them to use their voice at this time to show our community that they really care it's the relative calm in stark contrast to just twenty four hours ago and an extraordinary scene in the nation's capital when police officers and National Guard units March towards peaceful protesters deploying gas and physical force to clear a path for president trump to make this walk from the White House to St John's Episcopal Church for this photo opportunity all this unfolded as protest in Washington DC continued into the night calling for an end to police violence against black Americans groups out past the city wide seven PM curfew were met with a.

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