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A hundred and eighty thousand this theory is due or and a little scary you're talking about what it like a five or six year old vehicle um my just for ten balas ford was probably not that all it was about five years old right and they had two hundred on it yeah that's a little scary the as you know you're going to be pretty miles on it you've got to be three hundred before you know it so i would try to hit something a little bit lower than that okay okay all right thank you good luck to you rob thanks buddy hurry lay abbado mike lambert samba sean sean hoppe michael good morning how are you i am do at lovely sir i hope you are to do doing okay how's the one wing band of doing it better he's a little more aggressive hurts a little more of like the look at center good so back to work at two weeks uh i what i plan there you go that's a way to look at it for those of you just don't know mike can little shoulder operation about what's have been two and a half months until january to fit january's another long okay you're you're recovering very quickly yeah we're doing okay a doctor said everything looks good getting very good sir very good we'll be glad to have you back doing detail jobs the obviously i'll be happy i'm sure my wife will be happy save of the relationship on one swing on their very good so i hear noise in the background is that mean you're at hunt valley horsepower i am in no apparently they're playing over quicker whose authariel right are tough i hit all bravo before you that's okay we're fine hunt valley horsepower of course is a we event every saturday morning eight to ten the same time is my show which is aggravating because you know i got to be here and there there but it's an event every saturday morning eight to ten held at the hunt valley town center and it is a car event go there enjoy yourself noshow it's just you know enjoy yourself take your car talked folks who like cars you'll have to worry about trophies don't have to pay anything except for your breakfast of going to do.

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