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Thank you now burrito girl. Your burrito was gone now. it's still here. Wow you wanna finish it. Why don't you just finished your we stay here and watch you path. Whose take your time shen karm. You only answer this. She's hot sauce on it and she's a lot of the brita left pressure. Don't feel pressure and just don't choking hazard know we could also offer food. That makes you gas as an extra bonus like you. No you cannot. Do you know what. I mean like for this amount of money. You can order some beans. Ross matthew beans i want. I want a melanie griffith part but i want i want her to eat. No i'm not do it. I was gonna say cheese. We don't want that kind of thing. You don't need to do that. Here's the deal. We're better than that. How's the how's it burrito. She finished oh she the whole thing. Breathe a girl. How's it taste understood if you want to follow brita girl. How can they find you on social media to tonky. I can't hear you say it one more time. Oh chunky what she's saying so chung eight again. No i'm just kidding. I know it so charleston ajar chunky. If you cook yellow fonda you can also songs by cookie dot com listener. Victor is listed on all social media. Bell got the real belle scotty. Gina gina gina. Finneas if i o video if you follow mr malone you can. It's mr loan on all social media. Also automatic penn writer dot com book. Your readings reviews for your readings out of this world. Oh my gosh thank you. Yes crystal shrine sunday. Just one day sundays. What noon to five unify burbank. Meet get your mold and get meeting by mr mugabe. Dj cj live at c. j. a. y. l. y. f. e. Although today in the zoom he changed his name to see gay. Because we didn't. I didn't even catch that. And also his podcast is. Can we get available are pint. Podcasts are wherever you gonna. i'm gonna. I'm hello raw and of course the program is hello. Ross pod on all social media. I wanna thank you all for listening and happy you know. I want you to know whether you are in the middle of a farm and somewhere in this country or you are in the middle of ghana or anaheim or even anaheim anywhere in even if you're wrapped inside a burrito anywhere you are. I want you to know that your love supported you are celebrated with open arms and community. That has worked hard to make sure that you have a safe space and that same space is right here. We'll see you next week. Everybody happy pride it straight talk with. Ross get straight talk with ross with. Tv's bruce matthews and friends. there's mckee there's malone owned j. cj jj hip hip. Hooray it's straight talk with. Ross and our secret sauce. It's friendship laughter farting. We'd love days. we love buffets. Oh and we're not buffoons cause we love our loons straight talk with ross. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong. Skype on sharda. Nick wall on jay talk with ross..

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