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Hi everyone welcome to bitch sash real house most breakdown joe casey wilson shiner tenuell big news this week big news huge news danny i called you breathless breath blows and a lot has happened to us this last two years since we're doing the pockets but ice aware to kinda miss is the biggest when you told me this i screamed and it was later at nights my husband runs into the room because you know what he needs to recognize in here this casey let me set the scene at least you 'cause i really want to listen in close if you're driving pullover a bedtime story through stood down what said this is a bedtime story you're not gonna sleep through the way you said you're not gonna lost sorry i was acting sandra little dern okay you here it is a long story short sep ac dear friend of mine paul scheer amazing comedian of how does how did this get made the league million shows mary show of course of course married to our dear june diane refill the two of them are humongous political activists and paul was hosting a fundraiser for katie hill a woman who is running for congress in california and the twenty fifth district she's an unbelievable woman who has worked for path and worked for the homeless tirelessly and she's absolutely unbelievable not gone to see her speak many times and paul was hosting a fundraiser for that's truly what you need to know please look up katie hill on the side will say i will be voting for and give her money she's taking no corporate donations and she's in a district we must flip cyber so this is getting to housewives please note so policy fundraiser the location that he was doing it at fell through so about three days before he's kind of hosting it in a beautiful way like six men.

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