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Let's get back to the phones once again the number is eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two we have Debbie from Manhattan on the line Hey Debbie thanks for calling a hot it's wonderful speak to you I've been listening forever thank you I'm going to Italy and we have my husband and I have been there many times and one time a few years ago we went from there to so Denia and we went out there and we really liked it a lot we loved everything about it so this time we're going to do it again first going to Italy and then flying again to Sardinia now my question to you is are you familiar with flying into either call yearly or Olbia those are the three airports that they fly into all of from Rome Klay eighty all the and I'll get no no I'm not I'm not a Sir Denny expert I wanted to take your call in the hope that somebody who knows served any of better than I do okay will give us a call and and answer that question so you want to know if the airport if there's one that's better than the others well not so much the air problem what area would be better to explore returned to while gearbox and loved it yeah I've always heard good things about customs sardo you to full beach area with rice medieval beautifully pristine village right at the cathedral and lots to see and do in that area but as I said I'm not an expert I'm hoping somebody it's always good on the radio because usually somebody will call okay if you have advice sensor Denia let there be no eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two Debbie when we hear from somebody will put him on air right away all right thank you bye you know one of the things we do beyond beyond radio is we run a web site called farmers dot com and it's a big time of the year for us at from Sears dot com because we have just recently posted our best places to go in twenty twenty list we work on this for months we pull all of the Fromer authors who were all around the world we use local journalists in Europe and Asia and Africa will wherever people travel we have people embedded and we asked them what are some of the best places to go and we thought we.

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