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Y. A. M. Schenectady W. G. Y. F. M. all but the capital region's breaking news traffic and weather station listen anywhere on I heart radio bracing I'm Jack Callahan fox news tropical storm Dorian expected to reach the island within the next several hours the state of emergency has already been declared here on this island of three million people which is still recovering from hurricane Maria which it here true years ago in September of twenty seventeen there are still thirty thousand homes here with blue tarps on their roofs the power grid is also still fragile with outages in regular rain storm so that could happen again boxes Rick Leventhal in San Juan Dorian forecast to reach Florida early Saturday and there is a second tropical storm Erin has spun off off the coast of the Carolinas is moving to the northeast that storm could bring tropical storm winds to Cape Cod by tomorrow night president trump's tax returns Deutsche Bank apparently has them they're under subpoena the hand them over to congressional committees investigating the president the president and three of his children are suing to try and block those subpoenas federal appeals court says it will take a hard look at whether those subpoenas are legal or not Purdue pharma the maker of oxycontin says it's ready to talk settlement in the opioid abuse cases against it the drug maker is reportedly in talks to spend ten to twelve billion to settle lawsuits out of court brought by forty eight states and some two thousand local and tribal governments for its alleged role in the nation's opioid crisis fox's Casey Stengel Purdue has already settled a lawsuit with the state of Oklahoma which yesterday one of verdict against Johnson and Johnson for its role of the opioid crisis GOP primary election day in Mississippi lieutenant governor tape reads a Reeves that is has been picked by the Republican picked by Republicans to be the candidate for governor well thanks for term state Attorney General Jim hood in the governor's race in November Wall Street lower Tuesday the Dow dropping one hundred twenty points nasdaq lost twenty six yes some P. five hundred nine points lower America is listening to fox news are you ready to hash tag days Loudon Loudon county is known for its authentic farm to table cuisine and award winning chefs is thrilled.

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