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Let me let me come back to that relationships have always at some point bit started out of out of young age, you know, back in the Dame. He more were married off at twelve thirteen years old. Okay. I mean, it's not like they had a choice, you know, and all those practices are still established and other places of the world in the United States. We still have a thing where kids are I say kids because mostly kids in middle school are starting to be sexually active out of very eight. You know, and it kinda damages the bridge to love because you're ready, you know, experiencing something that you are, you know, the pending how you were raised if you're raised. You know, in church, you you know, that you kind of wait for that special someone to give your body to and you're supposed to love that your sin. And now we're doing things way way ahead of time before even knowing what love is. Absolutely. And I will say this. There's a big difference between love and lust. And then, you know, I think the problem that we have with our young people is that people aren't really educating them on that feeling that occurs when you first become attracted to someone because when you first become attracted to someone that's called the passion stage and in that stage. There is a chemical cocktail at if you will the happens from the brains that to have released of Oxycontin of door fence dopamine, and that combination makes you a little crazy. It makes you really long could be with the person that makes you eight where you don't hear from them. And. If you're not teaching people what that is how to deal with it easy for someone to get you right into being sexual because all those things hormones are going on in your body, and it's a normal bodily function. But we don't teach people how to deal with it. What is the best way to, you know, this is you've probably heard this question many times. But what is the best way to to get your child or maybe a little cousin or little sister and sit them down and explain that stage in life to them because you know, some people might see it as awkward, but I think people. I do. So I I remember telling my son, and I was always just a real battery fat person. But when he went to middle school, we have moved from California back to Michigan. And so he came to school in the middle of the school year. And so what I told him. It was twelve and I say, he's an athlete. So he's a jock. And I says where do you into that school? Those little girls are going to pow among themselves and decide which one of them is girlfriend. You don't even know hunting. So this she's gonna get on her job to make sure you don't her name. She's gonna do little things. Like see with a holler go. Hey, how you doing? Hey, go this. You've got you know, 'cause they all were uniform there one day she's gonna have her uniform Pat up in the front so that you can like feel a little skin little belly a little belly button or something. And then you go, Okay. okay. This. She's gonna see when the hallway you're out talking to your first, and she's go up against you..

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