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Can set up a nel intravenous chocolate drip so i could become the costas loop of colorado. That's the we're going to feel better so that's one thing say please. I want amazon prime amazon fresh delivering me chocolate. Within an instant propaganda. I mean the lint balls are pretty good but you know i i don't want to melt down the balls i want. I want the cameras really next. So i a little bit of it. Insomniac to be little bit of an insomniac End sleeper sleep is precious. But i found recently day. Having a cold room really does help me so windows open. Maybe the little wafting the fan for the air that does help but also the right pillow does help as well. The right pillow is an essential item when it comes to fall asleep now have assaulted pillars over the years. And i didn't think much of it you know. I know people go rejection. Thread count sheets or whatever all of that trying to help them. See the pillows. The essential and i found the best pillow for me purely accident. My daughter left a pillow and it had a unicorn encased in a unit corner pillowcase. And it was made out of flannel. Now the soft floppiness of flannel unicom pillow has helped my slumber. I mean i. I have a really good sleep. This week is my soft chubby butler. Cheese hit the pillow and the magic of the unicorn. Home sort of infuses into my into my into my head relaxes me and the softness of the fluffy flannel. Maybe as i like talking all the time really eases me into the deep asleep in the last week cure. Four restlessness is simply the unicom flannel pillowcase. So my dearest dearest. Mother has become the jam making connoisseur. She has delighted in making fifty jaws raspberry jam now. I don't know i know. My father prefers the rasberry to the strawberry. But you know. I do a stormy john. I love ostrich but during the heady days in the uk recently the heat wave she was there a bubbling cauldron making this delightful red bubbly sweet masterpiece of rasberry jen. The thing is as the jam boiled and and the motorized on the thermometer so was her temper. I mean she was. It was on a knife edge of of possibly becoming a some sort of jam infused explosion in front of my dad. And my dad. You know my dad's a little bit fussy set of the united stepping his pinky finger in and tasting the jam and needs a little bit of a pattern and won't sat little bit running a drink for a stroll. all of those things. And i think it's frustrating and i honestly thought thought the jammed mamata was going to going to blow from hearing recounting the tale. So she's now they've now go to fridge. They get the basic need jam fridge because a semi awesome stuff but i did introduce to mother the idea over blackcurrant jam preserve and and i think i'm gonna win ahead. The problem being lover love the jamming. Get over here. That sounds like a good mother in a french translation. And then you can find it but it's has the beautiful job leads With the it's like the old fashioned. You know my grandma vs to put over the jam jar. She used to Put the rubber band. It's criss cross design red and white criss cross design for the strawberry rasberry maybe blue for a black currant but the blackcurrant jam sweetness and also a little bit of dash as while you need a little bit of the dash of the tart is absolutely Phenomenal but it's jam making season. So you're the keep common cauliflower. Cheese listener should start thinking about making jam so with the trendiest listeners. Out there keep coming cauliflower cheese. We have jam-making podcast. Ten steps to jam making deviousness the doyen of norwich doyen of north city football club the owner of the chairman. If you not convinced about how easy it is to make gorgeous. Jam followed dealers. Ten point plan. Sugar has a hardening effect so tough skinned. Fruits should always be simmered before. Sugars added to the pam. Conversely saw skin fruits such as strawberries tend to disintegrate when cooked and should be soaked in sugar. I too hard on them and keep the fruits hall in the finnish jam. The sugar should be completely dissolved before the jam reaches the ball otherwise it will be difficult to set and the finnish jam will be sugary to test tested. The sugar is dissolved. Dipa wooden spoon. Turn it over and if no crystal Sugars are visible on the liquid. That coats the back of the spoon. It's indeed dissolved. Be quite sure. Stir will repeat the test a couple of times. Don't try to make two large quantity jam. One go. they'll take too long to come to the ball. And then we'll not boil rapidly enough to produce a good set how to test or said at the same time as you begin cooking the fruit place. Three or four sources in the freezing compartments of the fridge when you board the jam for the given time removes the pan from the heat and played a steam. Tc boone full of jam. One of the sources that it call back in the fridge then push it with your finger if a currently skin is formed on the jam. Your ways need the crinkly skin. Oh by the by the way the crinkly skin on the top doesn't mean you're paying john crinkly skin so if it hasn't continued to bore for another five minutes into another test don't worry about the scum that rises to the surface. Water jama's boiling if you keep skimming it off your with no jamat all instead. Wait until they ever set and then remove the jam from the he'd and stir in small lump of butter. That will disperse a scam. Once a jam is being set leave it to set up with fifty minutes or so particularly with the jam containing whole fruit such as strawberry or damson or chunky. Mama lay to prevent the fruit from rising to the top. When it's poured into the jar then pour into clean dry hot jars fit in and near to the top as possible and straight away. Place a wax disc over the surface then see overload but don't put labels on until the jam is called otherwise the heat will prevent sticking properly and now fall off fish oil. You don't.

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