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Debate anybody going to call in and talk about last night's debate you have an opinion did you watch it couldn't watch it we'll talk about that here in a second and what's in the future but I just got an email from congressman Ben ray lose Lou Han's office and it's like holy crap apparently the Republican Party here in New Mexico is I I don't know what they're up to I don't know with steep hers is up to but apparently the Republican Party here New Mexico has called in the next election four eight changing of the complexion their words of our congressional delegation today the Republican Party New Mexico called for a change in the complexion of our congressional delegation my complexion being darker skin basically Republican Party New Mexico coming out all right before Christmas right after the bay I don't know what it what is motivating them to go race baiting at this time of year they can say well that's not what we meant it was a joke well then you're just stupid you can either be competent and mean kind of a whole if we can admit there you're just stupid which we know you're not the one with the state Republican Party this time of year especially be going out and race baiting we need to change the complexion of our congressional.

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