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Mark Stein. With the winner of the mountain dew three point shootout, Joe Harris from the Brooklyn nets. Sure, it can't be better for the NBA that one of their most popular players Steph. Curry doesn't win that three point. Shootout is it better or worse for the NBA that Joe Harris one, I don't think it's either I think having Steph in there, and may advancing and then having the drama come down to him having to run the five in a row, and he was unable to do it. Yeah. It'd be probably sexier if you could say that Steph curry won the three point shootout in Charlotte, but in the grand scheme, you're always looking for is good competition coming down, adding the drama, and yeah, we'll remember who won the three point shootout next year. I'm going to say, we probably won't ho- Joe Harris from the Brooklyn nets. Oh, by the way, speaking of who Hamadou Tiao from the Oklahoma City thunder Hamadu VR low from the Oklahoma City thunder wins, the slam dunk competition tonight as we talk about NBA's all star Saturday night on ESPN radio in the US peon app. Tim Montemayor long. Packer alongside Packer hall of Famer and Super Bowl champion. Mark Tauscher the dunk. Contest was frankly, it was boring. Gotta go. I enjoy it at all. What about horse? This is something I've talked about a couple of years now because I just don't like it. What if you get the best players in the game, and you put Steph curry because do you know what dude perfect is like dude perfect? Is they make all these crazy trick shots off the top of buildings, and they do all kinds of fun stuff. What if we did something like that a horse competition were Steph Curry's in the second deck, and he's shooting threes that go in like that to me is interesting. Well, Tim, I will say this. I think it's a genius idea. The issue is how are you gonna format that for TV? Would you have to keep it in advance because I know as much content out those games. I don't know about you. If you play a lot of horse or pay or Mississippi, whatever it, however, you play they can take awhile. And yes, I think you put the ten five starters on each and you bracketed off could that be really fun to watch? Absolutely it could. But as everything is you have to format things. For TV. I think that Tim Montemayor is where you need to figure out how you're going to get that done. But I love I love the creativity. Why do you have to be logical? Can't we just leave in this fantasy world already is professional sports. Because that's a great point. I have no idea how you'd format that. I think it'd be actually very difficult to do that for TV, but here near there speaking of Steph curry, let me ask you a pretty simple question when you think about Steph curry is he the most likeable NBA player. I think it's hard to root against that guy. So yes, I think he is. But I have somebody because he's just new onto the scene. Joe harris. His story where he's come from. You know, he was a gangly one hundred eighty pound kid, nobody, you know, the Knicks didn't even bother to recruit him when they were going through the draft process. He comes over and is now he's the second. I think he was either second or first highest vote getter captain had fun with LeBron does anybody have anything bad to say about Yannis not yet. I mean, if he wins championships and with all due respect to our good friends in Milwaukee. I I'm curious if a market like Milwaukee, Salt Lake City comes to mind, like Memphis comes to mind can these smaller markets keep a guy like that. Talk like that. Well, you're in Wisconsin. We did all surprise you. If COPA winds up with the Knicks or winds up with the Lakers or clippers are doing. I hope not because I think when you're talking about the NBA, and you know, the player movement, which as a former NFL player, I am all for player PA I think it's great with guys can control their own destiny. The NFL has a long way to go to even come close to catching how the NBA does its business. But I think the key is and you heard this with Anthony Davis. It's it's about the fit in the team. And right now, I think the new bucks owner should have a new stadium when you're able to build around it have success guys wanna be successful operations. This is Janas deal. This is his team. He is the face, and he's able to do a lot of things. But you know, if things go haywire. You never know guys. They start getting older, and they see that their their window for winning a chance. Shift starts dwindling. And you saw Kevin Durant. Make a big move. You've seen the brand do at a Cup. I was gonna say what about LeBron leaving gambling? No you've seen that. But I think in the grand scheme of things it all comes down to your organization making sure that you're putting the pieces around a superstar player because the small market teams. No, you don't it takes a long time to get. You're not gonna get guys through free agency most likely guys want to go to the big markets. So you best draft. Well, and you better make sure that you put the talent around them. So that they don't want to leave. And by the way, what I will say about your draft coming because I think you're spot on with that Mark Kausar? I think that's why teams like the Celtics lot of their own guys. I think teams like, obviously, the Golden State Warriors that that those championships are won on on the heels of excellent drafting by Bob Myers and the ownership group and Golden State. I think you're exactly right now you'd better draft. Well, and you better do it. Danny aines, did which is trade for a lot of talented players. Game night on ESPN radio and ESPN app. Hey, I know there's a lot of MBA. And I know that there's a lot of college basketball today. But is there any bigger story than calling capper Nick we settled with the NFL well today, his lawyer spoke could cap find a job in the NFL, and is going to be with New England might not sound or does sound crazy might not be as crazy as it sounds. We'll talk about it next on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. The NFL has.

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