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93.1 KFBK, now trending, head of the U. S. Food and Drug Administration raised the possibility in an interview on Sunday that a future vaccine against the Corona virus might be given emergency approval before the end of trials designed to ensure safety and effectiveness. Stephen Han told the Financial Times. Any decision would be science based and not politically motivated. Three Western drug makers are well along with their phase three clinical trials involving tens of thousands of participants. Okay here in California. We now have a new system, another new system to determine what's opened and what what's closed. We'll try to break it down for you as best we can, and you can determine for yourself. Where do you think it's more or less confusing? The bottom line is today you're going to look at barbershops. Hair salons will be open for business. But places like gyms and fitness centers will not so We're going to try to get all of that. First of all we're going to hear from the general manager of Lifetime. It's a gym. His name is Rob Tamale. And he says a lot of people want to get back to working on the general consensus is that they can't wait to come back. They really miss it. You know, different than a lot of health clubs Lifetime because it has so much to offer people spend a little more time than the average time that folks spend at the health Club Plus Did you feel safe coming here Because it is such a large facility and way had a reputation of being incredibly clean prior to covet. So with our enhanced cleaning protocols, it's only added to it. Okay, so the gym's cannot open up indoor. Some of them still have the outdoors, which is a shame because the air quality is so poor. Well right now healthy to work outside, even as we speak right now, there's an alert out about air quality. Now I know it's like 160. The guy's not good. But salons will be back inside. And Karen Mo M is the owner of Pigtails and crew cuts in a Thomas, she says, You know so far The outside thing has been going OK, but It poses a lot of challenges for people, so they are excited to get back inside. It's been going well, in the sense that we're able to accommodate clients not want to get haircuts. But we've had overcome some challenges with the recent heat wave and the air quality do the fires. So we've been trying to make it work our best, But we are extremely excited to know that we get to go back indoors into a clean of controlled environment where we don't have to worry about what it's like outside. So now you sit back and say, Okay, how do they decide what's open and once close, and the governor made this announcement late last week. He described this new framework as quote simple, stringent and slow. So they're slowing it down from what happened last time when they re open, so I'll try to break this down. Case rates and test positivity rates will be the metrics that will determine movement within tears. It's a tier system, okay? And it's in terms of severity. It goes from purple to red toe orange to yellow, So we have four categories right there, those different four different color codes the tier system, and it's all going to be based on The test results in various locations and counties. So you might be in your county yellow and then in my county, purple and And But the case lows from city to city within a county could be so different right and then based on whatever color code you're in certain businesses can open up in certain ones Still can't write. So if you're in the purple category, it's you know. Everything's open. Great. But if you go all the way back to the lowest category Well, no, the nothing. And then there's everything in between. So our business is going to be held to the standard of opening and then closing and opening and closing, depending on case count. Yes, there's an emergency brake condition in this In other words, if the hospital's start to get overwhelmed, they just shut everything down. Period. That's the emergency brake. That hasn't happened yet at all. No. Well, we're only a couple of days into this. I don't mean that hasn't happened since the pandemic. We haven't the big tide of hospitalizations that we thought would see never never materialized. Governor says 87% of the state's population currently falls into the purple category. So congratulations, Thanks. I'm sure a lot of business centers were saying that thanks a lot. All right, let's get outside and take a look at traffic..

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