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Company never really got off the ground. It didn't most professors in any bishops position published far more research papers and in peer review journals. That's just expected. Absolutely. So falling behind and becoming very desperate to improve chances tenure. She tried to pass off research conducted in her home with her family. This is cheating. There's no other word for it. And by then Amy was lobbying fulltime for tenure. She had begun the process of submitting the university's prepared application package. Detailing her teaching research publishing institutional even community accomplishments. So at the university of Alabama Huntsville whence he worked for five years in the associate professor program. There is a five step process toward achieving tenure it began with a departmental review. And then it was turned over to a college level tenure committee review from there went to a university review board and finally the provost. So if a tenure track professor was not granted tenure after six years the university's gonna let the professor go job. You lose your job. A month before the tenure list was made public Amy wrote a press release about a science experiment conducted her family's backyard, and this was picked up by university student newspaper running under the headline, you AH launches space experiment. So this is self promotion, and it really failed kind of backfired actually did. In April two thousand nine she learned that her tenure head been denied. And she was livid. She was not going to take no for an answer. So she filed an appeal and a complaint then she began to beg her colleagues at the university for help. Dr. Deborah Moriarty dean of the graduate school thought. Amy was her friend that friendship, though, became very strained when Amy began to push her to help her lobby to reverse the tenure decision. It was the same story with another psychology professor who had joined you AH with Amy in two thousand three his name was Eric seaman. He would recall how ABC with rage when he ran into her on the last day of the spring semester. The tenure listed been released. His name was on the list. But Amy bishop's was not. She went into kind of tirades reading these people are against me. She sounded very paranoid and not completely. Well. She told another faculty member in her department that she was better than him. It was very easy to provoke her into get her going and some of her colleagues liked to share crazy Amy stories over drinks after work and most of the classes, she taught her students didn't like her most of them. There were some that did resume that the, but the overwhelming consensus was that she was a poor teacher. Yes. Very impatient. One day in early two thousand ten Amy drove to the university in parked in front of the administration building sitting in her car. She called the office of the president and announced her plan to come upstairs to discuss her case for tenure. She was told that president Williams wouldn't meet with her and that she should not even enter the building. According to an F it written by Amy in prison. She then saw Williams and the provost hurriedly leaving the building with a police escort, Amy telephoned, her colleague, Deborah Moriarty and said they act like I'm going to walk in and shoot somebody. Well, let's hear it would seem to me if that's true, the president provost needed a police escort to get them out of the building that Amy shouldn't have been there. She should have been right away. Scored it off campus in through that worried about safety. Yeah. It's true. I mean, I don't know. It's a difficult spot because. You also might be afraid that the more you tell her to stay away the more you do like that. You might provoke are more maker more angry in how secure is a college campus or how secure was it at the time. More importantly that. If you tell her she's not allowed there is that really going to do anything. I think if you simply tell her she's not allowed and she should leave. It's going to be sufficient, but it just seems if they're that worried about their own safety that should have communicated that to the rest of the campus in taking steps to make sure that Amy couldn't cause any harm. I totally agree. But I don't know if it would have been that easy to prevent her anyway, but I do agree with what you're saying. So on Friday February twelfth two thousand ten Hemi bishops first class began at ten twenty in the morning. This was anatomy and physiology. Her students didn't notice anything stranger than usual about their professor other than she seemed a little more distant and distracted at that time that our next class was introduction neuroscience that began at eleven thirty. This was your favorite class and the students in that class that she taught lighter enough to send a petition signed by all of them to try and save her job. So she could effectively teach. I'm just thinking why did the students even know did she make a she must have made a plea to them to help her is that appropriate. I don't know. I'm not in that type of field. Amy seem distracted and she was described as having a strange look on her face. And she announced that she would end class early. But she didn't ran his full length ammos wonder, if she liked teaching the beginners better because we're talking about introduction to neuroscience. Maybe they kind of treated her with the respect that she thought she deserved more than the older students would or the more experienced Deutz possibility because I think she liked to be looked upon his better than everyone else. She thought she was. Yeah. She attended a biology department faculty meeting that afternoon, which was held on the third floor of the Shelby center for science and technology, which houses the UA Huntsville biology and mathematics departments. She sat quietly at the meeting for thirty or forty minutes before she pulled out a nine millimeter handgun just before four PM. And that's according to a faculty. Member Joseph ING, an associate professor who witnessed the shooting said she got up suddenly took out a gun and started shooting at each one of us. She started with the woman closest to her then went right down the row shooting each of targets in the head white methodical, according to Deborah Moriarty who attended the meeting and survived. This wasn't a random shooting around the room. This was execution style. Those who were shot were on one side of the oval table that was used during the meeting and the five people on the other side, including ING immediately dropped to the floor after Amy had fired several rounds Moriarty said that Amy pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger. But there was only a click so her gun either jammed or ran out of munition Deborah described Amy as initially appearing angry and then following the apparent weapon. Malfunction? She looked perplexed. Ing said Deborah than. Tempted to stop Amy by approaching her and asking her to stop, and then helped the other survivors push Amy out of the room, and then they blocked the door. But if she still had bullets she probably could have shut them through the door. I don't know what the door was made of fear. Maybe she wasn't thinking about that. But this Deborah was quite brave. A lot of field called her a hero. She she grabbed it Amy and try to get her out of there, realizing that the gun could go off anytime she did in Amy would have killed her. She would have so the murder weapon that was used was a nine millimeter handgun, and it was founded a bathroom on the second floor of the building. So Amy didn't have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. And she was arrested a few minutes later outside of the building shortly after her arrest. She was quoted as saying it didn't happen. There's no way when asked about the deaths of recolonize she said, there's no way they're still alive. So what do you think do you? Do you think that that is acting? So she can use an insanity defense later think she's using that. But there could be a possibility. I mean, she's just been through a pretty traumatic event. And maybe she has temporary 'em nesia temporary. I mean, it was definitely planned your she didn't just have that gun in her purse for no reason. No, she didn't. So let's talk a little bit about her victims three were killed. The murder victims were Gopi Padilla Adrienne Johnson and Maria Ragland Davis Padilla left a teaching job at Michigan tech university in two thousand and became the chairman of the biology department at the university of Alabama in Huntsville now, he had actually voted to give Amy Bishop for tenure. So he was one of the good guys. If you look at it for maybe point of you. Yeah. And I think that her lawyers tried to suggest that she wasn't angry over ten year. And that wasn't why she was doing the killings because why would she have shut someone who voted for her? If you using insanity defense. Right, right. So Padilla left behind a wife and two daughters. Atrial Johnson was an associate biology professor working in cell biology in nutritional physiology research, but for years, Dr Johnson also gave his time to teach the boy scouts. He had two sons and he volunteered with their troupe. He actually won several awards for his work with young people an associate in the biology department wrote in his obituary, the doctor Johnson was always upbeat. And he was someone who always went out of his way to make you feel. Welcome maria. Raglan Davis was an associate biology professor who had a lot of new ideas and she had secured grants for her research. Dr raglan Davis was described as one of the university's most promising faculty members she left behind a husband and three children. So these people that she killed. We're good people who are contributing positively to society, just regular people. Yeah. Maybe a little more productive more productive than I am. I'd say. Achievers they're achievers. They were achievers. There were I think when she was shooting. She was just going to walk down one side of the table backup. The other side. Point that way. Yeah. I think it was very planned out your so it wasn't that those were specifically fingered by her just happened in her mind. This was how she's gonna do the shooting, and they were the ones that were right there in the way. I would argue she was probably angry with everyone because they weren't working as hard as she would want to save her and get her tenure in helper think so so emergency workers raised into the conference room, and it was just covered with blood. Deborah Maury already was crying. She described how meticulously Amy was shooting. Everyone mentioned the look on Amy's face issues shooting. How her face was fixed with rage? And she seemed to know how to handle the gun very well. And she certainly knew enough to hide it. That's another thing. That would go against insanity is she went and hid that gun and took off her bloody jacket. Right, right. So police soon learned that after the massacre she'd run down a flight of stairs into. Second-floor ladies bathroom and in the bathroom. She stashed the gun in a trash can under the blood-soaked plaid jacket that should warn class that day, then she crumpled paper towels threw them on top. And then she calmly walked into a classroom and asked to borrow someone cell phone, and that makes it seem very ah those Nolde cold indeed. So Shaun Tait one of the students gave her his phone. They hadn't heard the gunshots above them. They may call. Their husband said, I'm done pick me up. So it's four o'clock little after police radios continued to broadcast bolo beyond the lookout for female shooter, Dr Amy Bishop campus police racing around the campus and gave orders to student and faculty there at least seventy five hundred people on campus, and they didn't want any of them to confront the gun woman. Who is at large. The names of the wounded were not immediately released to the public, but students would learn that Dr Joseph Lahey, professor of micro-biology was actually in critical condition. So was Stephanie monta Chiel, though, a staff assistant described as the department den mother who nurtured both staff and students Dr Luis Cruz Veira survived a gunshot wound to his chest. But he was conscious and coherent, and he was described as being very angry. Just got shot. Yeah. But anger is always your first reactor colleague. Yeah. True. So police interviewed Amy's husband Jim after had been determined that she had called him, and he denied any knowledge of a plan to shoot a co workers, and he wasn't charged with the crime. But a neighbor revealed later that he had seen the couple leaving their home with duffel bags on the Friday morning prior to the shooting. Amy borrowed the gun. She used in the shooting and Jim admitted that he had taken her do an indoor

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