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Of kind of no more active these flying beans uh dog man i mean you know it is there's a lot of stuff that's been reported over the years chicago's i have a lot of lotta nowak actively for many many years and uh you know be quite honest with the i've been doing this for almost forty years now i'm nothing surprises me has been the strangest story lawn you've ever ever investigated the fourth way my encounter with uh with a being at i called the con waga fan i'm going in very similar to what's going on in chicago same kind of creature yeah very similar something about those wings yeah and this thing had red eyes as well well that was back in 1988 and being expert not too far from where i live on the more i'm hearing folks in talked about this creature in the more a chat with you i'm beginning to really wonder these regionals fallen angels the bad ones it's possible i mean i'm i'm i'm opened done anything at this point quite honest we'd get i believe in the angels and uh you know i've always believed in angels and could this be some type of uh wing being they used to refer to back in near middle east back in some areas of syria i very i guess if possible go to martha in santa cruz california west of the rockies go ahead yes you know why are um that i might you didn't know that i'm doing very well off our last topley's mary cathartic george tan enough you know how powerful you are.

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