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Investigators in indiana say tips in the unsolved murder of two teenage girls have ridic risen five hundred percent after the story was featured on doctor phil the bodies of 14yearold livia german and thirteen year old abigail williams were discovered in february on a hiking trail and delphi indiana investigators have been trying to identify a suspect seen in the images on one of the girl cell phones as well as recorded voice of a man saying down the hill doctor phil featured the case in a show that aired on december thirteen th male almost two months later there killer still it law since the show aired indiana state police sergeant kim riley says they've received over two hundred seventy new tips prior to that they were receiving about two two five tips today ryan burrow abc news star wars the last jedi i has left everyone in its space tasked you've probably heard by now the latest star wars movie was top movie over the weekend with two hundred twenty million dollars but the last djeddai is also doing booming business overseas it took in four hundred fifty million dollars globally lindh lopez abc news sean hillary clinton flying paying for dossier form of russian allies to manipulate the american public in the lead up through an election on news talk to you all house of cards is i've been for dates now coming fumbling down in it's only the beginning i can't tell you all i know yet what its comatec offered it's there and we've not been wrong on a thick top prediction yeah sean hannity weekdays to divide on newstalk twelve naughty oh you're all moriori of four gassed in from the ken vo sporting goods weather center engage tv news one seven on news talk twelve ninety they're.

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