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Looks like is just like the NASA. Photograph of what was there, would you? Call remote viewing part of the ESP family. Oh, yes. The ESPN is like clairvoyance that of the when the Hindus talk about is in a Chakra. They say this is the shock grow clairvoyance. The allows you to experience what's going on in the future are in in the distance the other common part of. ESP would be precarious condition, which is seeing into the future, and telepathy, which is mind to mind connection. General basically remote viewing his clairvoyance the ability to experience and describe what's going on in a distant place. This is dramatic work. Russell it it. It truly is. And it's it's something that I think people can use in their everyday life. Isn't it? The ability to remote view to make things happen for themselves. We think you can definitely every time. You lose something. It's an opportunity to use your vote viewing or avoid an accident. And what we think is that people will have their lives changed by seeing this film because there's so many events occurring one after the other being testified to by our CIA contract monitors. Well, I may describe something, and then there's some other men in a white coat saying, yes, we were there. We were probably graft that miracle the tar describing actually happened. And and that's there's never been a film like that before where a person is sitting in the audience, as well, how do I know this is fiction answer is we have all we have. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is there Brian Josephson, they Nobel physicist people for the NSA people from CIA, so we're very acute testimony that what we're saying really happened. And it happened the way we describe and there's never been a film like that. You're a physicist is that unusual for physicist to be a remote viewer. I I would say that's pretty unusual. What happened is that? I got to sit in the dark for ten years interviewing people about how to do remote viewing. That is I I was the man in the box with Ingo and path price or hell are whoever came through under secretary of defense came through whoever came through. I was the man who had provide the MO Jo to get the guy to feel comfortable, and then do something psychic. We're going to take a break. This is come back to talk about some of these stories and also we'll take phone calls with you in our final hour next on coast to coast AM to access the audio archives of coast to coast AM, log onto coast to coast AM dot com..

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