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Tear for by me. Firefighters volunteer for vaccinations, but it does not support a city mandate. Health officials in L A say Covid 19 testing will be required for most youth sports. The Department of Public Health has released updated guidance that says athletes participating in moderate or high risk sports such as baseball, football and basketball will be required to be tested at least once a week. The rules will go into effect next week on September 1st, a man accused of shooting into his neighbor's backyard in Santa Monica, has pleaded guilty to a federal gun related charge. According to court papers. The neighbor of Jason Walsh, heard popping sounds one night while having a gathering in his backyard with several guests, including Children. Cops discovered a hole had been shot through the garage and found a bullet on the floor. The ATF says Walsh was previously convicted of a felony charge for making terrorist threats and, as a result is not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition. The Santa Ana winds season is just around the corner. That means fire season is here. And that means we all have a role to play l a mayor, Garcetti says. He knows he sounds like a broken record when he reminds people to have an evacuation plan and create defensible space around your home and property. But, he adds, it's a matter of life and death. We do this every single year to make sure that you are safe and that we can protect our city even as we see more extreme weather. As a result of climate change and other factors and a drought obviously continue, says this year's brush fire seasons on track to be one of the worst in years. Steve Gregory can't find news Every day. We are moving Americans out of the country. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says the State Department is working hard to contact any American who wants to get out of Afghanistan. A spokesman for the Taliban says the evacuation process must be finished by the end of the month, saying there will be no extensions. Leaders of G seven countries have met to talk about possibly extending the airlift deadline. The new governor of New York has promised a fresh start. Kathy Huckle says her administration will focus on helping New Yorkers regain confidence in their elected officials want people to believe in their government again. It's important to me that people have faced local has become the first female governor of New York. She takes over from former governor Andrew Cuomo,.

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