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One thing, but you're right. The players playing for their international teams. They have, of course, they have club teams that they play with all year long, and then these big international terms only occur two to four years. Which made it kind of odd choice to go after if your model is really good. You only get to use it every four years, right? Absolutely. I mean, part of it was I was still, I just finished my actuarial exams. So it had it had this modeling had to fit in a couple months after I was done with an exam and I had time to put it together. So I mean going forward and now that I'm done with the exams, I look to do more modeling and I hope to acquire salary data and hopefully I would think there's less action on some of these smaller leagues and I could maybe like the Turkish league or one of these smaller leagues and maybe do more betting in one of those leagues and I'd be able to do it every week. But for a start and just to build the framework, I thought it was a good use of my time and it was a fun passion project. So what about a couple thousand hours do I have this? I'd say a couple hundred, I'd say not thousands of hours. Oh, merely a couple hundred hours for a relatively small amount of money back. Yeah, I mean, I had a lot of fun doing it. So a lot of it was just pleasure, passion project. It was blending my love for soccer and I guess macro writing in excel. Well, also, though, if you have model building skills, this was a good way to kind of flex those muscles and see if this is something you could do going forward where you might be able to have a much bigger edge or at least be able.

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