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A new assists from me and i would i am going to do is to let the process play forward is that the first time lewis douse asking of space legal trouble during the campaign he was involved in a physical altercation grabbing a reporter by the arm but a misdemeanor battery charge was later drops abc's kenneth moton a san francisco woman is fighting back against thieves who've been stealing packages from her porch she filled boxes with used capped litter and left them on the stoop for thieves and they took them and were were they in for a big surprise when the open to find out she was a really a waste cameo would tells bustle that porch pirates have been stealing online orders containing everything from cap meds to us things at us knock he was his wall light for ohio teenagers faced a judge yesterday in connection with the death of amana earlier this month more from abc's gio benitez each between the ages of thirteen and fifteen their families by their side some openly crying all denying juvenile charges of murder and the hickey were vandalism stemming from a prank that turned deadly police claimed the defendants deliberately and fatally tossed a sandbag from a bridge onto a busy interstate that sandbag hitting a traveling car blow the victim 23yearold marquees bird a father of a young boy succumbing to his injuries four days later on december twenty sec i will say it's out here today on you know from each of the juvenile's and i don't always see that at a detention hearing this tragic incident coming just two months after five teenagers in michigan were charged with second degree murder accused of throwing rocks off at overpass on the exact same highway 1 deadly toss of a six pound rock killing thirty two yearold father of four kenneth white the five defendants pleaded not guilty and face possible life imprisonment if convicted and in this latest case an attorney for one of the boys says his client expresses remorse for the victim the victims' family has said they'd like to see them tried as adults but the prosecutor tells us if highly unlikely the bar is just too high for that komo news time eight forty nine a door to a.

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