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Z heard from john. Yeah you guys are in trouble man we are. You guys are totally in trouble today. Boom just tell gio now that they made the list. No i made me guys deserved to make the list at one hundred percent. I mean john. Frank has been a A loyal good friend to this show and to me personally told you guys with wiser. You just insult the crap out of my friends. I'll criticism one thing. But they say like a guy's boring in santa's another. I mean the last time he was on he was said with us. And i was all excited mind because i wanted to tell the story about the baguette and sag harbor and i talked about that and he was saying recanting that as well but you guys made the list. That's all i'm saying was he. Hopefully he's not said on youtube today and by the way While he's irby ac also you made his list you guys maybe not so much gio but really how and craig yeah. That's fine. that's fine. I mean he could barely walk as more anyway. Tried to beat me about kim right leg knee replacement right so i mean it's fine. That's a guy you could probably take al. I think at this point. No i don't think so away from you. Know we could run away from them. You're not gonna take them. And you're not gonna take johnny franklin now that you've made his list either definitely wouldn't be able to but here's the thing we love. John franko a great time with him. I saw him on a fishing tournament. Not that long ago. I saw him and say korea great conversations off the air. He's phenomenal when he came on with us last time he was said. I don't know what to say was like personal issues or something. I already does not have any personal money morose morose. now you're calling him a bro- that that interview and i'm not the only one that thought that and it was surprising to me because i was expecting a pep in the step fun. Johnny franko that we normally get that day. He was morose he was now. You call my friends morose that day. He was cuss unbelievable. You guys are so it left the mirosic taste in our mouth. Did yeah it was like we love. What's his face. Mike del judas that day he sang the sad song. That yes another guy like. I have to answer you people. You have no idea what you do to me outside of this radio station. Hey and the stuff that i got to answer to it. You know phil. Simms is another one to come in here and kick your guy's ass phil. Simms is good on the air. Yes even more hilarious off the air right thin but still can bring it on the air. He's gray bus are chops back. He's awesome even coach cower. Well he could tell it voice the other day that you know. He's still pissed at url interaction go yesterday. Was it okay. Yeah because i went through a third party connected us okay. Good doing real quick. Hang on come. Right i would. So can you sort of coward. you guys. Man was worse with craig than it was with you though. We'll say that one with you're saying yeah. Well yes that is true. But i've had. I've had my own set of people that hate my guts definitely will pursue of the street. Get ready to fight another coast belly to belly and also got a talking to the other day. After about the whole you know the cluster again the other radio morning shows. I had a sit down with the really. Oh yeah he's created quite the firestorm. It was an email and had to go out the whole thing. Yeah i don't know it's just hasn't been smooth stale put it that way. Let's go to jason and monopoly. What's going on jason. Good morning guys. First time caller. I love the show. Thanks what's up. So i just actually wanted to share a funny story. Last week. i wanted to surprise my wife and we got out vows renewed and we had a party. Everything was great. My two year old son was going to be the ring bearer and Agawam dressed at the holy was freaking out. Didn't wanna do it. The whole event was gonna be ruined. And then when i put on his bowtie all of a sudden he's like blimpy. 'cause we'll see wears this orange bow tie and i don't like blimpy freaks me out. He's an adult acting like a child. And all these places by it steve the whole entire party because of lippi. Both and it was amazing. So i can't believe the i. I'm calling you guys over blimpy's dude you gotta do men. Survival parenting you to side with blimpy for a day you side with blimpy to to save that day and getting your renewed. I know all about it jason but yeah i'm with you man. That's why i don't like him because he's a he's a grown man who's acting like a child doing children thing you know. Maybe johnny franko should do a like a blimpy imitation as he's doing the game. Wow everybody's hey. It's the mets of the diamondbacks zone. Just totally rebrand themselves. It's flippy there's something gympie without would that make you guys happy. Well i mean. I'm sure he'll be fine. Today's broadcast it was just that what we got him on a bad day. I don't know what it was. You know now always feels like yoyo always feels like i have. I have personally a group of new york athletes that do media that i feel like it's they're on too many things and they're onto often like what is john ranko on other than the occasional met broadcasts. I dunno i just feel like i put like bernie williams guys everywhere constantly. John starks everywhere. Constantly mariana over. Vera john starks in adviser for the next who knows. Maybe that's why haven't you still jewish. Randall keeps shooting. Maybe like when you need to go to nick's guests people bill. Let's get john starks over. What about alan houston though no. They don't call him. i love everyone. Calls john starks. Everyone calls bernie. Williams got a man with alan houston jersey on right here. Yeah i know. I listen i alan. Houston at that same fishing. I saw john franco. I was on the boat without houston. It's all those athletes. They're oh yeah they were all there with great strawberries. A priest now or something. That was i think i told the story at the time. But i didn't wanna be like give you too much inside information but on that boat was alan houston ron harper in lou. Pinella and the three of them were telling all sorts of like behind the scene. Stories about stuff and lupino. I wish i could do this. Impersonation on the air but i can't because there were so many curses and it actually makes it funny while he's beauty but he was just mean we're we're out there with the lines in the water trying to catch striped bass in the hudson river and lou pinellas just after this guy f. That guy would never give me a blatant chance stupid ass do this you give them a podcast all. It was unbelievable. I had so much fun. Why isn't he doing podcast. I don't know because he doesn't wanna man. He's down in florida living his life. He just sits there and just speak into a microphone. Just let let it was great. I mean i sat there like a fly on the wall. I mean i was just like la- taking it all in on this before. Kobe.

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