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John corby right she recognised you right away yes she did she the gloom murmur is she stashed he was very please your was recognized them think cat loves her some john corby so anyway and then she started going on and on about how she she listens all the time she loves the restaurant part and and she used to work at patrick j 's and she recognised me from being in there once in a while and that she you know they closed that point we grow by today and it's torn down close it they tore down and moved get it somewhere else in small piles yes they did so she said we got the twenty four hour notice a that was closing course that was owned by john ray fell who had to go to jail on the lobby in favour of he and left in the joint i i think wasn't like he's going he's doing a halfway house yeah she's editor in pretty soon some kind of admiralty but you know she didn't know what he's going to do for a living and and i knew him for a long prison nickname is 'cause you know chad now got is gone so i wonder what the rifles prison nicknamed i don't know but imagine trying to find that out probably has one so he called mayor ginthoer he probably knows i would imagine i would imagine he does so chad ordered the appetizer and this was the most fabulous appetizer i think i've ever seen what you get it's there the dead of a handful of things to choose from and from chicken wings in case the dea's to loaded chips but i want with the appetizer platter because you've got to choose three of four items which is nice it's got to build your own plan yeah and of the four items you got pretzel bites corn dog bites and fried veggies in the fourth i'd would be chicken tenders which i didn't know if they're going to give us three the two you never know the tender and it's a chicken it and their value added chicken dinners but it's a jagan dander and it says the plight when you get the platter comes with spicy mustered a thousand island dressing for dipping some branch um but i was a dang because the pretzel bites come.

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